The Kodel Party

America the Beautiful


RESTORING THE HARD WORKING MIDDLE CLASS true AMERICAN core VALUES through genuine innovation, integrity & leadership.

Some have called me a visionary. Others, an idiot savant. 


                       First Draft Cartoons
Stevie Tenderheart published comic strip

An unemployed nation drains a nation. A fully employed nation grows a nation.

Dare to dream where our cities would be, our country would be, if over the decades, trillions had been invested in America the Beautiful instead? Let’s do something great together!​

The major two party system is simply not the best we have to offer. The Kodel Party is but a concept, for now, a vision for what the middle class requires. We can no longer afford or continue to anoint millionaires, billionaires, bullies, racists, even socialists or party hypocrites, as our rulers, leaders or representatives. They simply do not understand our needs, wants and desires as middle class families. They know nothing of our hardships our daily struggles. A true change comes from within. Congress can work better. They haven't done the people's work for decades. We must vote in new members with fresh ideas. We realize how diversified we are as a nation. Once we weed out the self-serving, hypocrites, haters and come together, we can achieve something wonderful in the name of America the Beautiful. Common sense must be the litmus test. Tribal politics is hurting our country by tearing her apart.

Immigration & Tariffs are of course a hot topics of the day.

In a perfect world, there should be no tariffs. Quotas would be far more effective. The world simply over produces anyway. Establishing quotas based on supply & demand, fairness and free trade is a more logical approach. 

Regarding immigration, the first thing we must do is to stop calling them Aliens or viewing them as 2nd class citizens.  If you don't agree on this, we're farther apart than we'd like. Look inside your heart for the answer. They are human beings. Mothers, fathers, grandparents, children just like your ancestors who fled terrible circumstances for that all encompassing sometimes, elusive dream of ... wait for it ... FREEDOM.  

Inside the box thinking  is to build a wall and create a deportation squad. That's just so absurd and it's rooted in FEAR. Imagine if we really adopted this strategy. The inhumanity. The costs. The message it sends. Who would be next? Canada? Florida? Alaska? The USA is not a dike we need to plug with our finger. Building a wall around the continental boundaries is beyond laughable. It didn't work in mid-evil times nor does it show any intelligence or innovation in a modern, evolved society whatsoever. We are better than this!

Outside the box thinking  Reverse Migration policy. This can be applied to any country.

It's both an ideology & economic thing! Who flees their war-free, peaceful, safe, bountiful, nourishing, flourishing homelands of generations of families, property, land, traditions? No one!

Imagine how we could more effectively, efficiently & economically resolve this Mexican border issue. It can be as simple as helping Mexico improve their economy through diplomatic channels and business initiatives. The demand for drugs in our nation must be thwarted. Yes, if some USA companies build satellite offices or headquarters south of the border, it would strengthen the Mexican economy pulling our undocumented citizens back home as their quality of life will most certainly improve as they would no longer have to live in the shadows or in fear of being deported. They could truly thrive and survive. This will lighten the burden on Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Border Patrols, ICE, Courts, Education, Healthcare & Social Services.We would actually save trillions of dollars implementing a reverse migration program. So don't balk when a USA company decides to move outside the country, especially Mexico. Don't view the move or economic fallout in micro terms but rather macro. Consider the long-term strategic implications.

The expense, ethics & hostilities of rounding up some 11 million undocumented citizens, abandoning their property, possessions, vehicles, jobs, real estate, families, and the backlash this would create, if not Civil War II, is maybe not the keenest or most thoughtful idea. You think?

We can do better. Our past policies have allowed this situation! No one has dealt with this massive issue under the law, turning a blind eye perhaps, but we clearly cannot let fear skew our thoughtful, rational, problem-solving/decision making solutions. One thing we can offer to those who remain in our sister Americas is "HOPE." We can and should respect our human race.

As a nation, we are not collective elitists.

We are humble, hard-working, loyal, proud, patriotic, innovative, generous 

Americans and we got here by boat. Never forget this...

We absolutely cannot have open borders or permit human trafficking, drug mules or terrorists. We cannot have undocumented criminal elements living amongst us either. Nobody is arguing how to deal with these segments of depravity. Tearing children away from their parents isn't the answer. We can become a united nation among nations and lead the way. Fear is reactive. Leadership is proactive. Giving citizens south of our border hope, jobs, education, safety, will go a long ways to improving the border crossings. Reverse migration makes more sense.


The Kodel Party will redirect the purpose of the Federal Government. I believe in the entrepreneurial spirit, 24M small businesses and counting. I believe in seriously limited government, influence, laws, control and unnecessary regulation. The environment has changed for the worse. 2800 new federal regulations frightens me. Then add up the state and municipal laws and codes of compliance. It's gotten way past absurd.

                                      We are imploding as a government, a society, a nation. 


The good Lord set definite limits on man's wisdom, but set no limits on his stupidity--and that's just not fair." 
                                                  Konrad Adenauer (1876-1967) Chancellor of Germany

The role of the Federal Government, under a Kodel Party White House, will be “LIMITED” to the protection, health, welfare and safety of its citizens and homeland. Namely, the borders, shores, food, water, medicines, transportation, and airspace, will be the primary responsibilities of the U.S. Government. Many Federal Agencies will be disbanded as States take on more responsibilities. (These displaced employees can relocate to the states of their choice and help organize and refresh our nation.) 

                                               Governors will become the most powerful leaders of our nation! 


The Federal Government will relinquish its control over states in all matters relating to the operation and function of their respective sovereign domains. In a word, the U.S. Government will delegate, with trust, competence, and confidence, all powers afforded these UNITED STATES, individually, as setforth in the Constitution of "THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA." Each state will govern their citizens, economies, and natural resources effectively, efficiently, and accordingly.

A Kodel Party White House will represent the middle-class  by creating 50 million new jobs through innovation; abolish taxes and bring USA companies, abroad, home again. We will foster goodwill around the world through meaningful, thoughtful leadership absent of aggression. We will not support, fund, prop-up or tear down dictatorships. All puppet strings will be severed. We will no longer be the police of the world. We will strive to end Human Rights violations in a more functioning body than the United Nations. Our charter will come from working-class Americans. We will put America First. Our initiatives will set this country on a true path of accountability and responsibility (individual, business and government). We will promote our party as the party of the people, for the people, and by the people.

2020 is our 1776. Congress will be filled with citizens, not politicians. Our policies will make life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness possible. Common sense is now the new bar--and it is set high. 

We have a country to rebuild and it is ours. 

A stronger America means a better, safer world.

There are some 300 million of us.  How did we allow just 535 Americans to cripple our nation as Congress has?  [Congress has 535 voting members: 435 Representatives and 100 Senators.]  

No wonder NOTHING ever gets done! Imagine having 5 chefs in the same restaurant or 20 Governors per state. They would be equally ineffective arguing over self-serving ideologies.  

[If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.] 

America the Beautiful..means something. It matters! Let's put her first.

Make your {common sense} VOTE count.

The Kodel Party - Fortune Favors the Bold


Congress will write BILLS limited to ONE (1) Page. (11" x 17") The current status quo of thousands of pages, even 20,000 pages, is bluntly absurd! Every member will read the Bill and know precisely what the bill contains! No staffer will get away with "sneaking" a bill inside a bill and wasting your money ever again!

(There may be 20,000 Bills, but they will each be just one page in length.)


States are the "best" stewards of their boundary domains. They have the best interests at heart of their residents, wildlife, lands and natural resources. States are wholly capable of preserving and protecting their respective Statehoods. States will be empowered as the Constitution intended. 

States who partner with businesses to grow their economies meeting the needs of their citizens will do a far better job than the federal government. States will govern & serve their domains far better than the federal Gov't does. It really comes down to a more effective and efficient "span of control."  States can begin pilot programs sharing results with their sister states. Instead of just trying to keep afloat, States must be allowed and encouraged to innovate! 

Instead of having a federal mandate, where each state must salute smartly and fall in lock step, a better formula may be to have multiple state pilot programs (a functioning, practical lab) and when they get it right, other states can adopt it as their own. We need to restore competition between states. Who knows what discoveries will revealed. States have been so preoccupied with their own economies over the decades, they have missed out on the benefits and inertia of collective collaborative efforts with their 49 brothers and sisters. Sort of makes the term "United" moot.  [Congress probably hasn't dropped "united" yet because The States of America just sounds a little too odd yet.] Unless we refresh our nation, and start working together, this could happen, we could become the SA.

Regulation used responsibly is a good thing. Over regulation is needless, pointless strangles a society. Too many agendas and self-interests create a very narrow scope of tolerance or compliance. Over regulation impedes progress and innovation and ceases to incentivize those affected. It chokes off enthusiasm and organic growth. 

A fair and reasonable system is what is needed to promote the common good. States will collaborate and share successful paradigms. States, churches and other organizations will be empowered to solve those social ills which are currently present within society. Empowering States and their citizens will have a synergistic effect on society. 

It's going to be amazing what we'll accomplish together, no longer being focused on other nations.


1 Million seconds = 11 Days
1 Billion seconds = 32 Years
1 Trillion seconds = 32,000 Years!

The Nation's Debt is about $20 trillion at this writing.
Now apply this to "DOLLARS" to see just how much Congress wastes.

Your tax dollars NOT at work. That's why we want to take away their access to your money!

They are digging the US in such a deep, deep hole--some would say a grave!

Your Congress in Action
The Federal budget will be reduced under the K-Party platform by 3/5 of its current operating budget. Perhaps more once each innovation is in place. The size of the federal government will be reduced by the elimination of many agencies (and their budgets) that have outlived their usefulness or are redundant.

Federal employees have a tremendous amount of experience and expertise and can assist states greatly with the transitional break-away from the federal government. As states gain more control over their domains, they will need highly trained people to fill these roles.  This isn't going to be a cake-walk.  Middle-class, prepare. Educate yourself. Be ready to fill those jobs.

But oh so essential. (Please take the time.)
Especially below at The Kodel Party -  Better Plan.

2010 U. S. Government Receipts
Individual Income Tax        1.141 Trillion
Corporate Tax                          328 Billion
Social Security & Payroll Tax            925 Billion
Excise (Sales) Tax                                103 Billion
Custom duties                                        30 Billion
Estate & Gift Taxes                                14 Billion
Deposit on earnings & Federal Reserve      66 Billion
Other Misc Receipts (income)             20 Billion
                                                            $2.628 Trillion

Total Outlays  (Mandatory Spending)
Social Security payments                $761 Billion
Medicare                                               485 Billion
Medicaid &                                            269 Billion
State Children's Health Insurance
Unemployed & Welfare payments      612 Billion
Interest payments on National Debt      242 Billion
Troubled Asset Relief Program            13 Billion
(TARP)                                                $2.382 Trillion

Total  (Discretionary)  Spending)
DoD; DOJ; DOE; VA; NASA, etc.     $1.344 Trillion

TOTAL INCOME:      $2.628 Trillion              

TOTAL SPENDING: $3.726 Trillion

(Looks like your budget doesn't it?) Remember, the US  budget and spending is preformed by college graduates & lawyers who honestly believe they are doing the people's work. You can't be serious!

-- NET LOSS:                 (-)  $1.098 Trillion


We spent more than we took in.
Hmmmm. How'd that happen?  

How do we fix that?

Unlike you, the government can't take a (2nd or 3rd) job to make ends meet.  
What they can do is raise your taxes! One way or another, they will get your money.


Granted, the transition in the shift of logic is the real challenge here.
And remember, it's the same amount of money in the game, we are 
only changing how it is managed!  (By you, not Congress.)

Full Employment Removes $612 Billion  in assistance from the Federal Budget

Replacing Social Security with MIRA, RIRA & NTS-IRA Removes $761 Billion from the Federal Budget 

A Balanced Budget Removes $242 Billion from Federal Budget 

Shrinking Gov't by 1/3 Removes $1 Trillion from Federal Budget


Under our Initiatives this is what we can put back into the economy: 
(Back into Your Pockets)

Eliminating Income Taxes                +$  1.141 Trillion
Eliminating Corporate Taxes           +$    329 Billion
Replacing Social Security &              +$   925 Billion
   Payroll tax Withholdings
Eliminating Excise (Sales) Tax         +$   103 Billion
Eliminating Custom duties                +$     30 Billion
Eliminating Estate & Gift Taxes        +$     14 Billion          
        Economy Restored:          Total +$2.542 Trillion

By doing two things, Reducing the Federal budget and Increasing the amount of money each and every one of you gets, tips the scale in the nation's favor.  

With this new found permanent wealth in "your" pockets, whatever will you do with it? 

We're guessing it will flow back into the economy. 

States will amass their wealth from you and not have to rely on the federal government anymore, win-win.

The federal government will be redirected on a new mission to protect our homeland. There will be more than enough revenue coming into the U. S. Treasury from the new funding paradigm we are recommending.  (Wall Street will take the lead in funding the U. S. Treasury.) Also having U. S. Companies returning from overseas and creating millions of jobs will get this nation on the right path again.  

Wall Street knows the secret to making money: 
The "secret" to making money is moving it.

It really is that simple.

The same amount of money in our economy exists no matter who's holding it. Does it really matter who holds it? Absolutely. Which do you think brings about the best result: you holding your own money or someone else?

We are proposing a shift in logic.

We fervently believe our economy can be great again if we make this shift.

The reason government needs so much money, leaving you so little, is because the body has grown too big; takes on too much; and provides too many with aid.

The middle-class recognizes our government has been out of control (bloated in fact) for quite awhile now. So, how do we fix it?

It's pretty simply actually.

But requires action...yours.


You can get involved, you form or join political actions groups.

You can be innovative. Think outside the box. Break the mold.

You can offer solutions. Even ludicrous ones.

Lastly, brainstorm. Who knows, you must might stumble onto a great idea.

It's a fairly good rule of thumb the more money you have, the less concerned you are about it or where it goes. Congress sort of made our argument here.

The less money you have, the more you scrutinize every dime, every purchase. You learn to sacrifice.  You know this and it's no way to live.

Congress needs to learn the valuable lesson the middle-class has been forced to learn--the hard way.

We believe governments will run more smoothly and more efficiently if they have "less" money.  Yes, we expect to hear the cries of those who have become used to "getting" money from the government. And in some cases, people can't work, so states will have to assist them. But so can churches and other organizations, even neighbors can help.  

The problem is, Congress has become so bloated. They can't sustain the status quo. They are about ready to blow our nation up. The U.S. is not that far from sinking to the bottom; if left in the hands of our current Congress it will surely happen and you have these words to remind you.

Did you know Kroger Company Family of Stores donates some $13 Million "Monthly" to communities, educational services, the needy, food pantries, etc.  

Imagine that. $13M a month!  ($200 million a year!)

We strongly believe Corporate America has a conscience that seems absent from Congress.  The difference with the way Corporate America spends its money is as evident as night and day.  Congress could make this a teachable moment and learn something from our middle-class national debate.

BOTTOM LINE: Americans and Corporate America will take better care of America than Congress has.

Corporations will continue to direct their vast resources toward our communities.

A recent news story just crossed the wire today.  Just another economic indicator.  Seems since 2005, $41 Billion in gift cards have yet to be redeemed. How can we improve our economy with behavior such as this.  So, a note to you, if you get a gift card, SPEND IT. 


Advice is best received when solicited.

We are seeking YOUR advice & input.

We need your ideas to help us create a powerful middle-class platform.

Only when we are receptive to new ideas can we begin to shift our stars. For far too long our nation has been ruled by a two party system that isn't serving the needs of the hard-working, devolving, middle-class. We endeavor to fix that once & for all. 2018 puts us on map; in 2020 the White House.

If not for us, then for them...

First Draft Cartoons

Stevie Tenderheart published comic strip

Help Create our New Party. How? Use your Election Pencil...Read. Rally. Tweet. Pin. Friend. Post. Share. Engage. Organize. Lead.

​It's time for a new ruling party!

With truer

Middle Class Representation!

America became the greatest nation on the planet because of a moral code; work ethic; and people who knew what leadership and vision were.

We must become better stewards of our families, cities, neighborhoods, nation

and the planet we call earth & home.


Together, with a little grace, we will make this world a better place.