1.   Spirit Bonds

2.  Eliminate All State & Federal Taxes
3.  Create National Transactional Surcharge (NTS)

4.  Implement Wall Street Initiatives 

5.  Set Consumer Interest Rate Ceiling (CIRC)

6.  Reset all Mortgage Interest Rates



9.  STAR POWER (See Innovation) 

10.  Create BIG National Projects

11.  Implement Next Generation IRAs

12.  Implement Mortgage IRA (MIRA)

13.  Implement Renter IRA (RIRA)

14.  Lower Retirement Age (59)

15.  Set Term Limits

16.  Your Idea Here:

17.  Your Idea Here:

18.  Your Idea Here:

19.  Establish Minimum Mortgage Down payments

20. Keep Mortgage Bank Notes with Lender

21.  Create Property Management Divisions (Banks)

22.  Limit Individual Debt (LID)

23.  Foster  “CASH”  Incentives

24.  Buyout Military Pensions

25.  Revise National Healthcare

26.  Free Education thru Medical/Law 

27.  Turbocharge Auto Industry

28.  Implement National Lottery




a. Create New Type of Savings Bond - Inspire National Spirit & Patriotism

b. Spirit Bonds to replace next generation Social Security Entitlements 
     -- Zero coupon formula; (low face value) earns 10% maturing at 5, 10, 20 years
     -- Spirit Bonds will help replace Social Security
     -- Trillions of dollars generated for treasury—overnight!

c. Treasury-Wall Street Partnership to issue TWAS Consumer Credit Cards
    -- U.S. Treasury Credit Cards for all Patriotic Americans, regardless of credit score
    -- Use it & you fund the Treasury, Your Retirement and Spirit Bonds at maturity
        --Also helps fund U.S. Federal Government programs
            --U.S. Military; NASA; DOT; Natural Disasters; Homeland Security, etc.
d.  U.S. Treasury/Partner banks - manage accounts (see Item 11 also - Next Generation IRAs)
        --Set APR at 15% (10% funds government/5% funds your retirement account (TWAS-IRA)
            --Banks are free from all taxes too--this will be their contribution to Americans
            --Banks free to offer their own credit cards (15%) programs to benefit your IRA
            --7% must be dedicated to U.S. Treasury for national defense, etc; 
            --5% to cardholder IRA;
             --with remaining 3% going to banks

        --Do same with States--State Credit Cards to add revenue and fund programs/projects

        --Individuals, Companies, & Banks, will not pay any taxes. Consumer driven economy! 

        --Where current legislation prevents this, CHANGE IT!  The "NEW NORMAL" is NOW!

2.   STATE & FEDERAL                        TAXES

a. Eliminate all State & Federal Taxes on individuals, businesses & corporations

b. Replace tax code with a National Transactional Surcharge (NTS) on consumption
Fixed at – 7% for one decade; raised 1% per decade, capped at 15%  (See NTS Page)

    --Federal Budget shrinks (no longer required to fund Social Security Payments)

    --Eliminates Cost of Living payment increases. 
    --IRS mission is smaller and redirected away from managing 150+ million Americans
    --Creation of 50M new jobs will generate trillions in salaries, NTS, Demand for goods/services
    --Eliminates payments for Medicare/Medicaid (federal budget shrinks by 2/3)

c. States earn revenue hourly via National Transaction Surcharge – Ongoing Stimulus Engine

d. Consumers will spend, save, invest, dine, travel, donate & provide for themselves & families better with a low, fair consumption surcharge instead of paying taxes. Those who do not currently pay any taxes will now become part of the national solution!

e. Elimination of taxes creates greater “income” for businesses & citizens.

    --All workers will receive their entire paycheck, no taxes or deductions

f. States will now fund Congress (instead of citizens) Federal Budget established by states' revenue

    --Whatever is collected becomes the Federal Budget, period! (No more loans from China)

    --China to be paid back their principle, not the interest, as new negotiations take place

g. Management & Expenses of administrating to 150+ million taxpayers is eliminated overnight 
(Billions saved)  Federal Budget shrinks when IRS is redirected for new mission with states

h. IRS efforts redirected toward states & businesses to collect/audit National Transactional Surcharges. IRS no longer has authority to collect directly from citizens; ends audits and tax evasion by and for individuals

i. Benefits: Paperwork Reduction Act – Tax Codes, Debates, Laws, uncollected funds, less time wasted on creating more loopholes, tax codes, enforcement, every dime accounted for, etc.

j. Congress prevented from funding other nations or wasting money on idiotic projects.


a. Eliminate property taxes after initial purchase  
    -- Pay just once at closing based on purchase price - 7% NTS collected for state revenue

b. Provides property owners with more monthly disposal income & control of their money

c. Provides monthly stimulus to local businesses

d. Schools funded by states via NTS, Lotteries, Spirit Bonds, TWAS, other initiatives


Home/Land/Building buyers pay property tax only once--at closing! No longer will property owners continue to pay “property taxes” beyond their initial purchase. A one-time 7% surcharge based on the purchase price, period! 

Giving property owners more monthly/annual buying power, will in turn, generate more income for economy and states.  

This permanent property tax relief will be doled out by property owners themselves, spent on travel, dining, recreation, lodging, goods and services, savings, etc. This will fuel the economy.


a. Eliminate all inheritance taxes

b. Treasury & business revenues increase when beneficiaries become consumers. Stealing grandma's money to fund the Chimp poop tossing phenomenon is unconscionable (See Wastebook)

c. Windfall stimulates economy with discretionary spending by the intended

d. Heirs entitled (by-law) to bloodline money, not the government. When a government steals money from widows and orphans, it's time to change the government!


a. Government pulls $$$ out of market too soon with so many taxes.

b. Let dollars work thru the system earning Treasury more revenue

c. Taxes stifle Growth, Investments & Spending

d. Elimination of ALL taxes will Surge Economy Exponentially

e. Action will grow economy - 50 million new jobs!

f. Jobs, factories, industries will return from overseas! 

g. Demand for housing, goods & services, travel, recreation, apparel, etc., all increased

h. More jobs will be needed to meet this demand and so on and so on and so on..


a. Eliminate entire corporate tax code

b. Replace taxes with National Transactional Surcharge (NTS). All acquisitions & mergers, parts, components used in planes, trains & automobiles, products, etc., subject to 7 % NTS.

c. No write-offs. Eliminates Depreciation, Improvements, Credits, Loopholes, etc.

d. Eliminates all Exemptions, Itemizing, Deductions, etc. And saves time! Entire accounting departments will be redirected to manage budgets and inventory but not taxes! 

e. Redirect IRS to collect revenue generated within the 50 states & companies

    --IRS/Auditors/bookkeepers all needed by the tens of thousands to overseas business receipts
        --compliance necessary to collect full weight of NTS income stream for states
f. Companies will have more money to create jobs, make community donations, fund research, expand their businesses, which will generate more economic transactions and jobs!

g U.S. Companies will return from overseas and create even more USA jobs!

h. More employment reduces need for social services and assistance. Employment adds more income to the daily National Transaction activity. To have all employment offices unemployed is our goal. (Their services will be rewarded by finding new jobs for themselves.)

2.5  Lottery Winners
          -- Eliminate taxes for Lottery Winners            
          -- When an individual wins $200M they keep $200M
          -- Winnings will enter churches, charities, banks and retailers; 7% NTS applies
          -- See Brainstorming #28 below

3.  National Transactional                  Surcharge (NTS)

a. Replace taxes with a National Transactional Surcharge - One National Standard
    --States will end their sales taxes

b. Transactional Surcharges replace income taxes while also funding your retirement

    --Consumption will stimulate demand for Goods & Services; creating more jobs

c. Transactional Surcharges also fund states and the federal government

d. NTS standard is 7% (as an example)
e. NTS credit card
     --each transaction deposits 5% into your NTS individual retirement account (NIRA)
    -- NTS-IRA balance grows by using card and a lifetime of compounding. (FDIC insured)
    -- Interest rate set on card at 15% APR for life (as an example) 
    -- Remaining collected interest (10%) goes to state and federal government (5% each) 

f. You cannot borrow against or withdraw until Age 59. No taxes or penalties involved

g. Congress nor Wall Street will have access to, or borrow against, your NIRA

h. NIRA card issued as early as ten (10) years old. Funds retirement at age 59.

4. WALL  STREET                         INITIATIVES


    -- (Doing the right thing even when no one is looking)

b. Do No Harm - Over time, Oaths instill honor & honest behavior -- Much like Armed Forces, Doctors, Judiciary, etc. (Not in every case, but we ought to being somewhere...)

c. Oaths have intrinsic value – Creates Code of Conduct atmosphere.

d. Create Ethical/Enforcement Review Boards (Non Wall Street members)


● Install middle-class representation as stakeholders – profit sharing and voice at table.


● Put minority shareholders on compensation Boards – Better accountability 



On average, there are roughly 5-6 trillion shares traded on a daily basis!

Using a National Transactional Surcharge (NTS) we can fund our country and end taxes forever!  Brilliant~

For argument sake, let's use 7% but this can be adjusted up or down as the experts determine.

a. 7% National Transaction Surcharge (NTS) is applied on every executed trade/contract. 

b. Traders pay (NTS) on every trade/contract/share/option/future/commodity/currency/etc.

    --This includes both buyer and sellers (7% each or .7 cents on the dollar)

Foreign traders of American stocks/ETFs, etc, will pay 15% NTS (or .15 cents on the dollar) with 13% going to the U.S. Treasury and 2% going to the company being traded. (ETF/Mutual Funds, etc., where no individual company is traded, as these are groups of corporations, all 15% NTS will go to the U.S. Treasury.)

c. US Traders are NOT subject to income, dividend or capital gains, state or federal taxes anymore.

d. Online Traders resident states earn 5% NTS (Online Traders exist in every state) 

e. Traded companies receive 2% of each trade to sustain growth and create jobs

    --Provides daily capitalization & growth for publicly traded companies 
    --Companies will have more tax-free income to expand, create jobs, R&D
    --Prices lowered on products as a result of lower operating costs, no taxes, etc.
    --This income stream will limit financed money (loans) & keep businesses in business

f. U.S. Treasury earns 2% on ETFs/Mutual Funds, etc.
g. Short Selling; Flash Trading (Market Manipulations) pay 7% NTS on every trade/contract  - applies to both buyer & seller each (.07 cents on the dollar is your contribution)

h. Wall Street & investment groups will sponsor/finance stadiums. Communities will no longer foot the bill. Owners will not present bonds to the public for voting. Only proposals where fans profit or benefit will be permitted.  If players are to earn $100M, let the owners pay it.  Ticket prices will not exceed $50! NTS applies. (Good start?) I can see a White House win on this one alone. Brainstorming is so fun. Lower ticket prices fill stadiums and creates jobs. Hot dogs and beer sales will soar at lower ticket price. More families will attend. Win-win. Besides, we all know ad revenue funds players' salaries.

i.  All million/billion dollar television sporting contracts will include a 15% NTS for U.S. Treasury 

j. Elect only K-Party candidates to Congress and the White House (subliminal insertion)


● Mandate all consumer lending rates - not exceeding 16% APR.

(From Payday Loans to Credit Cards) Banks no longer pay taxes so this is doable; and consumers will have more money to pay down their existing debt; also since LID is in force, it prevents over-extending. (LID see item 22.


Reset all mortgage interest rates to 5% (30-year fixed) & then lower all residential & commercial property mortgage principle balances by 25%. (Property values fell more than this, but 25% is a mildly fair refresh-Rebooting.) When the economy recovers, banks can share in the rise in values of our homes and businesses when we sell, working as our partners, not as our crippling landlords or mortgage holders. It's become way too personal for that. We need this initiative. 
Landlords must also lower rents by 25% for all properties for private, public and commercial use, to include homes, manufactured or otherwise, shopping malls & strip malls, including duplexes, apartment buildings, etc., and not raise rents for a period of seven years.  ALL MORTGAGES.  Mortgage holders, banks, individuals and businesses no longer have a tax liability, this will restore our economy and faith. A partnership with Wall Street & Mainstreet working together is necessary. 

a. Reset all owner occupied mortgages to 5% (Fixed for 30-years) 

b. Reset 2nd & subsequent home or investment homes, apartment buildings, duplexes, commercial office buildings, etc., rates to 5% 

c. Lower all mortgage balances by 25%

d. Landlords will adjust rents downward accordingly by 25% and hold them there for 7 years

e. This monthly reduction in payments for owners and renters is equal to a $100-500+ monthly stimulus check for seven years, and will pour disposable dollars back into the local economies of this nation; landlords no longer have a tax liability

f. This is also a bankers' haircut. The owe it to Mainstreet. Their dealings have been shady and shaggy. Their foolishness created this mess. Wall Street actions collapsed families, neighborhoods and Iceland, etc.  Banks will recoup when the middle-class recovers. Savings & investments will increase. Banks are also exempt from taxes, so they can keep their rates lower. ALL BANK FEES WILL BE ELIMINATED. THEY WILL GENERATE INCOME SOLELY FROM LOANING OR MOVING MONEY. (This will inspire them greatly.) National Transactional Surcharges (NTS) being applied for goods & services will stimulate the economy bringing new homeowners to banks for lending, investments and foreclosures will stop. 

g. Mortgage rate reductions will be accomplished by a "click" of a button, not by application, or approval process, refinancing or forms. Clean, quick, simple, immediate. Doable!

h. Give Renters same deal - 5% fixed mortgage for 30 years, regardless of their credit score! 

i. Implement MIRA & RIRA (Mortgage & Renter linked IRAs) to replace Social Security.
    -- (See 11 below)



9.  STAR POWER (See Innovation)


a.  Aqueduct System (Farmlands) 
b.  Hydroponics

c.  Renewable energy
d.  Alternative energy

e.  Your Idea Here:

f.  Forestry Tree Farms

g. Aquatic Farms

h. You Idea Here: 

i. Monorail System, bullet trains
  --States will become responsible for all infrastructure projects within their state; highways, roads, bridges, water pipes, etc. (States have been on federal assistance far too long.)

    --Adopt wind, natural gas as recognized fuels in North America, rich is reserves


National Transactional Surcharge Credit Cards in partnership with Wall Street 
    --Retirement Account Rewards Credit Cards (RARC) and 
    --Treasury/WallStreet (TWAS) IRA Rewards Cards/Debit and Credit options 
    --Anyone accepting money must also take the NTS card for payment, permitting citizens to fund their retirement accounts. This means you can pay your monthly housing (rent) and build your retirement account over the years. 

-- Beginning at age 10, and above, NTS card/number issued (Replaces Social Security Card)
    -- Identity theft of these cards, if used, funds your retirement account. (sweet)

-- Each transaction is credited to your future Retirement Account Entitlement

-- Earn 5% each time you use your NTS Rewards Cards toward your IRA. 

    --NTS (RARC & TWAS) card interest rate set at 15% APR for life

     --Your retirement account retains all compounding interest, and is added to your balance, accumulating over your lifetime, as early as 10 years until Age 59.  FDIC insured.

-- Eliminates Social Security (FICA) withholding, increases take home pay; more for economy

-- Eliminates all Social Security payments in 49 years or less...
-- Reduces federal deficit by quad-trillions+ over life of program implementation 

-- Cannot borrow against or withdraw until age 59. No taxes or penalties on IRA.

     -- Congress nor Wall Street will have access to or borrow against your NTS-RARC/TWAS Acct. 

12.  Create Mortgage IRA (MIRA)

Mortgage Individual Retirement Account (MIRA)

a.  Link 5% of monthly mortgage payments to fund individual retirement accounts (2.5% for two adults sharing property) that cannot be accessed until the minimum early retirement, Age 59 and is exempt from divorce settlements, litigation or awards by the court, including bankruptcy

Making your mortgage payment by check or cash:
    -- 7% NTS is applied to your monthly mortgage payments 
        -- 5% funds your MIRA 
        -- 2% funds state revenue

Making your mortgage payment using an IRA (TWAS or RARC) credit cards:
    -- 7% NTS breakdown same as above
    -- 5% additional for your IRA; 5% State; 5%U.S. Treasury 
        (While paying interest on cards based on 15% APR)

b.  As your mortgage balance declines and your equity increases in value, you will also be adding to your personal retirement account, which will compound over the decades. 

c.  Fully protected by an FDIC secured investment/insurance product

Example: Age 30. Current Monthly Mortgage Payment: $1000 x NTS 7% = $70 
New Monthly Mortgage Payment: $1070 (you don't pay income/property taxes anymore)

Your Retirement Account (MIRA) is funded by $53 monthly  
State Revenue collected is $21 monthly
Federal Treasury collects all spare change or in this case $0.90 monthly

For this Homeowner, remaining in home for 29 years or 348 months
$53 x 348 = $18,444 (MIRA) interest & compounding doubles at least 4 times = $73,776 (MIRA)

    -- Figures do not reflect earned interest or exact compounding over years or use of IRA Cards
    -- FDIC secured product 

d. It is highly conceivable to have both an MIRA and a RIRA (own and rent) at different periods of your life span. In addition to having a NTS-IRA. That's three (3) individual retirement accounts of which all three are tax free now and forever. Your IRA accounts could climb to five or more accounts as new ideas are brought forward. We're just getting started.  This is a Kodel Party (K) initiative.

13.  Create Renters IRA (RIRA)

Renters Individual Retirement Account (RIRA)

a.  Link 5% of monthly rental payments to fund an individual retirement account. (2.5% each for two adults sharing property) that cannot be accessed until the minimum early retirement, Age 59 and is exempt from divorce settlements, litigation or awards by the court, including bankruptcy
Making your rental payments by check or cash:   
-- 7% NTS is applied to your monthly rental payments 
    -- 5% funds your RIRA 
    -- 2% funds state revenue

Making your rental payments using an IRA (TWAS or RARC) credit cards:
    -- 7% NTS breakdown same as above
    -- 5% additional for your IRA; 5% State; 5%U.S. Treasury 
        (While paying interest on cards based at 15% APR)

Example: Age 19. Current Monthly Rental Payment of $450 x NTS (7%) = $31.50 or a
New Rental Payment of $481.50
Your Retirement Account (RIRA) funded by $24
State Revenue collected is $9
Federal Treasury collects all spare change or in this case $0.705 cents

b.  Fully protected by an FDIC secured investment/insurance product

Simplified Example (No rental increases or mortgages)

c.  Lifelong renter at age 59: 40 years or 480 months) = $24 x 480 = $11,520 (RIRA)
Plus interest and compounding x 6 = $ 69,120 (RIRA)
    -- Figures do not reflect earned interest or compounding over 40 years
    -- FDIC secured. Interest accrual & compounding not precise

d. It is highly conceivable to have both an MIRA and a RIRA (own and rent) at different periods of your life span. In addition to your NTS-IRA. That's three (3) individual retirement accounts of which all three are tax free now and forever. Your IRA accounts could climb to five or more account are new ideas are brought forward. We're just getting started. This puts retirement squarely on the shoulders of consumers and private citizens for their own retirement and off the backs of former taxpayers. Our program uses "time" as the best advantage and the normal day-to-day life as a means to an end.

This is a Kodel Party (K) initiative.


a. Reset Minimum Retirement Age at 59
b. Individuals can continue working but can now have full access to their IRA accounts
c. NTS-IRA; Rental IRA (RIRA); Mortgage IRA (MIRA) and more as developed...tax free
d. ALL IRAs continue to be funded by your ongoing transactions (Rent/Mortgage) payments

e. Bartering & being paid under-the-table no longer benefits you. Income need not be hidden as there is no more income tax & bartering does not create a transaction to fund your retirement account, which is also being matched. You must be a citizen of the United States to earn IRAs.


a. Mandatory Term Limits for all "non-K-Party" members

b. Hey, it was worth a try...You stick with what works.





a. Set mandatory minimums for real estate down payments 

b. 15% down payment – Owner Occupied Mortgages (NTS applies)

c. 40% down payment for secondary/speculative home mortgages (NTS applies)


a. Prohibit banks from selling or transferring mortgage notes

b. Banks must keep all mortgages they write

c. Eliminate ARM financing (Eliminates Risk and Keeps buyers within their means)


a. Create property management departments within lending banks

b. Financially troubled homeowners remain in their homes paying “rent”

c. Life of loan extended. Owners keep equity.

d. Lenders’ risk is reduced on foreclosures, short sales & property values, damages

22.  LIMIT INDIVIDUAL DEBT                                (LID)

a. Cap personal 'consumer' debt allowable (includes all debt, except medical/dental)

b. Based on income and new normal FICO score

c. Consumer Debt Ceiling—7x Gross Income (Includes Real Estate, vehicles, etc.)

d. Protects Consumers & Market from over-extending & financial predators

e. Medical/Educational debt not applied in LID - Only consumer debt is applied

f. $30k income = $210k (LID) - Working Couple: $25k & $45k = $490k (LID)

g. Keep reminding yourself, there are no taxes. A $30k paycheck means $30,000 take-home pay

h. We are the Kodel Party (K); The K-Party aka the 30k Party (You need to step up.)


a. Foster new consumer mind-set to use CASH instead of CREDIT

b. Retailers can offer instant 2% cash rebate at register, NTS still applies on final total

c. Rewards consumer instead of banks/credit card processors (Net NTS = 5% vice 7%)

d. Cash payments at register does not however, maximize your IRA contributions

24.  BUYOUT MILITARY PENSIONS – Partner w/Wall Street

    ● Military Pensions cost taxpayers trillions over lifetime of veterans. 

(Funding active duty payroll & Defense Budget) will come from other initiatives to include other nations bank- rolling our forces, especially if we serve on their soil (peacetime missions only); a force reduction will shrink defense payroll/budgets as we propose closing operations in scores of regions around the globe; stopping all funding to other nations & paying for "their" infrastructure.


    ● Citizens will demand the programs which best suits them, individually. National Healthcare will not be mandated under any circumstances. Funding healthcare will be a combined effort of all concerned: Individuals; Manufacturers, Pharmaceuticals, etc. Submission Forms will be reduced (streamlined) for patients & medical facilities. (See our full discussion Healthcare page)



How to pay for it?

c. One less multi-billion dollar US/Iraqi embassy compound is a start; stop funding Pakistan is another; or Egypt, or India, or ...
    --at last count, it too was over $1B this year alone! There are trillions being sent to prop-up foreign regimes.
How about we prop-up our  educational programs instead! A more educated nation advances a society through engagement and enlightenment and philanthropic efforts abroad. Governments must get out of the business of wasting America's wealth.     Keeping money out of government hands 
creates higher paying jobs which brings in more demand for goods and services, ergo more jobs, more innovation, and more revenue for states and the federal government. (This is not a Rubik's cube here.) Why did it take the middle-class to figure all of this out?

-- AMERICAN COLLEGE EDUCATION (ACE) program is another Kodel Party initiative to pay for higher education. ACE is a program where Americans can sponsor a child ($1 per week). This will put a college-bound student born today, through college. This endowment will be funded by tens of millions of philanthropic Americans & corporate sponsorship(s), including the student, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc., through a national lottery, mentoring & membership programs, loose change [ACE collection jars] at check-out registers, etc. Compounding interest, matching funds and longevity will increase endowment to cover any student who wants a college education.

d. Professors will no longer be subject to income taxes. State colleges and universities can secure salaried positions [set at a rate determined by state education boards] will keep operating budgets down. Graduating doctors, dentists, specialists, nurses and other professionals or trades will serve their country and communities for seven years at  a (GS-7) pay grade, step 1, before entering private practice—a national win-win proposal. Paid for by the American populace funding initiatives. Healthcare graduates will also provide 4,000 community volunteer hours (or about 10 hours per week) over the next 20 years! Held Accountable (perhaps by all those out of work IRS agents); heavy fines levied and risk of license revocation if you bug out (slack from your commitment) by not participating or completing your hours. 

This is the National Educational Payback program (NED). 

e. Funding will also come from CEOs, Businesses, Corporations and other great Americans

f.  Our goal is to make tuition free for all public universities & colleges

    --Funding all public schools from 1-12 is the status quo, we're suggesting 1-16+
    -- Every American should be afforded the opportunity of a great education
    --If we need more universities, we'll build them (creating more jobs)

g. Private colleges and universities will determine their own new normal



a. Three cylinders – turbocharged for more makes & models

b. Maintains horsepower while reducing fuel consumption by 25%

c. Create alternative energy platforms & projects financed by citizens not U.S. Government

​d. Limit imported vehicles until trade balance equalizes or tips in U. S. favor

e. RESTORE DETROIT, FLINT, MICHIGAN& other great cities across America by building American auto plants and recruiting Fortune 1000 companies to relocate to every major city in America as our national hub for commerce.

That's fifty states with 20 major multi-billion dollar corporations situated in hometown America. Expand it to the Fortune 2000 companies, that's 40 multi-billion dollar corporations per state! Corporations no longer have a tax liability so they will return from overseas and those already here, will consider relocation.

Right here and now, we'd like to invite Hostess to bring there Twinkies and Ding Dongs to Oregon!  (After settling their billion dollar bankruptcy, that is.)

Labor and lower manufacturing costs will restore America to her greatness again. Vehicles will be more affordable. Every product will become more affordable as all taxes are now abolished.

This will propel American business/products to the world stage as never before as no other country will be able to compete with U.S. trade. This will create more jobs and more American wealth.

So much so, the Kodel think tank's latest study reveals, China will be borrowing trillions from U.S.  While laborers will now keep every dime they earn, and be responsible for their own retirements, Labor Unions may now focus their efforts on safety issues, production schedules, etc, as they advocate for their now pleasantly content workforce.


● Massive Dynamic Revenue – Generate Daily Cash Flow for U. S. Treasury 

●  States benefit from 7% National Transaction Surcharge - every ticket sold

a. Create a National Lottery to fund NASA; provide for Natural Disaster Relief; etc.

    -- waves of favorable projects will be funded by the great American Spirit

b. Citizens abundantly taxed - Americans would rather take control over their own dollars
     -- The American spirit lives--even in this economy. 
    -- Imagine if the middle-class could participate in some higher order philanthropy
    -- Americans are filled with goodwill. Undercover Bosses; Lay-away Santas; Donations to Salvation Army Kettles, churches, cancer research, food pantries; Red Cross; endowments in the tens of millions to great universities, all across this land, 
    -- University of Oregon (Ducks) alum/
resident/Nike founder, Phil Knight is but one shining example; 
    -- in the news recently, a man found and "returned" $10k cash found in Las Vegas. 

Working class Americans have great integrity; most will do the right thing even when no one is looking. (We are betting our entire presidential campaign on it.)

Americans are inspired every day with stories such as this.  Eliminating the tax code is about empowering the American people.

    -- Giving away one's own money to benefit others is in our DNA as Americans 
    -- Warren Buffett and Bill & Melinda Gates are the pinnacle of this mind-set and spirit; others are following their lead.
    -- As Americans amass more wealth, the rise in philanthropy will increase beyond measure 
    -- Americans will fund worthwhile projects if you simply ask 

c. Set fluid agendas for funds disbursements: NASA may be one national example

    -- A National lottery will generate tremendous revenues. Collectively, states have already generated trillions of dollars.  (It's not clear how effectively this has be utilized, however.)

d. As of 2008, since ticket sales began in April 1985, Oregon Lottery games have created a total of 261+ millionaires. During 2008, six new players were added to the list of millionaires. 

e. Since the
Oregon Lottery began selling tickets on April 25, 1985, it has earned more than $10 billion for economic development, public education, state parks and watershed enhancements. It's far better when people give their own money rather than when a gov't takes it. The NTS is based on this concept. ​(See Below)

    -- Citizens will want to be involved in lottery  management to monitor disbursements

Americans are the best stewards of their "own" money. They will support programs & projects they & the federal/state governments deem worthy. The checks and balances here are to leave the final decisions to American Consumers.  It's their money, let them decide how it is spent! 

f. Creating a National Lottery was the White House Fellowship Policy paper offered by our candidate during the Clinton Administration.  A decade later this topic was debated in Congress.


Pick 2, 3, 4 and 5 numbers from 1-11 or 1-21 or have NASA Scratch-offs, etc. Innovation rocks!

(10 cents) per ticket or a quarter, it doesn't have to be $2 or $3! (NTS applies)  

    -- Limit Maximum play at $300 per day with NTS card code embedded 
    -- Those with identified addictions will have coded NTS cards and be protected
    -- Using NTS credit cards funds your IRA; state treasury and U.S. Treasury

        1) Jackpots kept lower – No Trillion Dollar Winners due to months of losing tickets with too wide a numerical range. Lowering combinations of say 1-80 to 1-11, 1-21, 1-31, 1-41 instead with millions more winning tickets possible. 

2) Lower digit selection, increases number of winners – thousands a day across the USA, who will spend their money on retail items, educational programs, churches, Red Cross, Libraries, and lots of fun stuff too, thereby stimulating and sustaining their local economies and the nation.

3)  7% National Transaction Surcharge (NTS) applies on all ticket sales.

            -- DC residents NTS goes directly to the District of Columbia
            -- American Territories may also participate and adopt our "New Normal" initiatives

4) Funds Treasury – Hundreds of Millions ($$$) each and every day!

    -- States will collect the 7% NTS and share it with the federal government
        -- 5% to states; 2% to U. S. Treasury (50 states x 2%, collectively)
     -- Administrative and Operational costs will be posted online for auditing



Note: These brainstorming ideas are solely from the innovative mind of Steve William Laible. They are in no way complete or even practical in some cases, nor do they provide all of the answers for America the Beautiful.

Brainstorming by the very nature of its intent is free flowing thinking without judgment or rules to bring forth new ideas.  The ideas presented here are meant solely to engage readers with solutions for the real issues facing our country. It is this author's hope to spark any number of new ideas finding real solutions. And really, aren't new ideas what's needed? 


Type your paragraph here.

 $$$ + ECONOMY + $$$ 

It's real simple: 

An unemployed nation

contributes little to a thriving economy.

It crushes families, programs, real estate values, downtowns of hometowns, retail sales, stock markets,  portfolios, jobs, quality of life, spirit, joy & hope.

Social Services & Assistance spikes, savings implode, and personal debt expands, breaking budgets at every level of family & government.
Government's answer: Raise Taxes. This only exacerbates the situation hurling the USA toward a similar demise of the former U.S.S.R. (It can happen.) We are but one domino tile on the floor of life...

Where do your tax dollars go? Cleveland? Detroit? Inner cities? Rural areas? Innovation? Libraries? Education? Infrastructure? How about Oregon? California? Jersey?Chicago? Mississippi? New Orleans? Pick a city, pick a state, pick a park, a program, a school, etc. 

Here's the problem: 
Your taxes are not going to our states to improve your country! Your tax dollars are funding other countries & foreign regimes. 

Pakistan $1.6 BILLION; Syria, 1.5B; Egypt $1.4 BILLION; Uganda $400M (annually), $1 BILLION+ guaranteed for Ukraine, etc., the list is endless! Over $100 billion and counting; and that's not even the tip of the iceberg. 

This is why your taxes continue to rise, your education flounders, your healthcare costs sky rockets, your infrastructure crumbles, your cities fill with Veterans, homelessness, drug addicts, and honest, good citizens who are otherwise unemployed become wards of the state.  

Funding war lords & dictators, instead! Are we safer because of it? Poorer as a nation? Has terrorism decreased?

Since Congress won't tighten their belts, it's up to us, the hard-working, middle-class! After all, it's our money!

Our objective: to infiltrate all levels if state & federal legislation including Senate/Congress/White House with truer representation of Kodel Party Middle Class members looking after OUR needs. Make Sense?

Hundreds of millions of our taxpayer dollars should not bespent monthly on foreign soils. How about we stop this? 

By building a stronger America, we are in a better position to help others. The citizens, not the US Government must decide when and where to provide aide. 

Why aren't we putting America First? 

Dare to dream where our cities would be, where our country would be, had these trillions been reinvested in America the Beautiful instead over decades? 

A stronger nation is our best defense.
One way is to stop funding Congress who have their own agendas (it's not you). It's not national security. Imagine how wonderful this country would be had those $19 TRILLION dollars been used within our own borders over the years.

The Kodel Party will put an end to ALL taxes as we know them thereby severing the income stream funding Congress. They will live within the budget we set. 
We are closing their purse strings.
Americans will keep their entire paychecks and they alone will decide where to spend their dollars. If you want to fund a special NASA project close to your heart, you can donate $100 to NASA; if you want to fund a community tragedy or humanitarian effort, you, not Congress, will contribute. You will be empowered to decide exactly where your money goes with the understanding you will not undermine our national security. 

We must change how Congress does America's business!

Doing more with less, eventually becomes doing nothing with nothing left! 

        An unemployed nation drains a nation. 
       A fully employed nation grows a nation.

The Kodel Administration will create 50 Million new jobs!!

    -- Workers will keep their entire paychecks! Increasing their buying power.

This will stimulate and sustain the economy.

The Kodel Administration  will eliminate ALL taxes as you know them. Can you wrap your head around this innovative concept? It was only 1913 that Congress adopted the 16th Amendment to collect taxes from citizens to fund their war machines, bridges to nowhere and $5,000 hammers. Congress is simply NOT good stewards of your money. They serve themselves in daily conflict of interests.

When you keep ALL your paycheck...
    -- This will drive the economy at warp speed.

-- Don't worry, the paradigm funding shift we envision will more than adequately fund the US Treasury...

The Kodel Administration will build better communities!

    -- Refreshing neighborhoods & inner cities, ending drug ravaged battlefields; expanding parks, educational and after school programs and true opportunities

The Kodel Administration will bring USA Corporations abroad, home again and will go big with national infrastructure projects creating jobs!

     -- aqueducts: water to our farmlands, grasslands, forests

     -- power grid buried and power poles reclaimed

     --never again will millions go without power during storms
     -- forests will be managed and harvested as agriculture

     -- green power (solar, wind) will prevail  

Kodel Administration will reduce medical & prescriptions costs

The Kodel Administration will end 

aggression and our role of world policeman.

Imagine for a moment, a different scenario or parallel universe where Chinese or Russian troops, ships, fighter jets, missiles, tanks, etc., were placed strategically in the backyards of countries just as as America does. Our presence is a menacing force which threatens. No wonder the world is in such chaos. We have to stop policing the world. We must stop threatening other nations with our presence for world domination. Is it any wonder we are being attacked and terrorized. We have to end our grandiose aggression policies. 

The Kodel Administration will end ALL payments to foreign countries. US Taxpayers deserve better!!!

The Kodel Administration will pour that money into rebuilding America from the ground up...

Review "Brainstorming" page to the right, to see how...

Help us launch your middle-class party!

Keep American dollars working at home not funding other nations. Citizens respond more favorably when in control of their own hard-earned money. The government has to stop taking their citizens' money. Consumers will provide more than adequate financial aid to keep Congress relevant. It’s time Congress learns to do more with less…

We want Kodel Party members to have a world view but for now, let's get America back on track.

Join the Kodel Party...
Organize...Run for Elections...

Use your Election Pencil. 

Write - In Candidates if you have to.
Vote your neighbors into office!
Build your coalitions.

Let's take back the night with will & might.  Strong to its core from the blood, sweat and tears of generations before.

Americans have such a tenacious spirit. Collectively, we will embrace our country leading from the Middle Class up... 


A National Lottery will be implemented to fund National Disasters, NASA and other worthwhile endeavors as deemed appropriate by citizens. Lotteries will fund these and more national and community foundations. Americans will also be able to call and donate at will. As a lottery player, you will benefit too: Lottery odds will be greatly improved allowing for more winners by reducing the required numbers/combinations. 

A National Charity/Lottery Phone Bank will be created:

1 (400) RED CROSS (RC)
1 (400) NASA Exploration Fund (NEF)
1 (400) Make a Wish Foundation (MWF)
1 (400) Humane Society Fund (HS)

1 (400) Humanitarian Goodwill (HG)
1 (400) Salvation Army (SA)
1 (400) National Literacy Coalition  (NLC)
1 (400) National Food Bank (NFB)

1 (400) Tornado Relief Fund (TRF)
1 (400) Hurricane Relief Fund (HRF)
1 (400) Foreign Disaster Aid (FDA)
1 (400) Shriner Hospital (SH)

1 (400) St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (SJCRH)
1 (400) Appalachian Hungry Project (AHP)
1 (400) Better Bridges Improvement Project (BBIP)

1 (400) Better Roads Capitalization Project (BRCP)

1 (400) Teacher Thank you Supplemental Fund (TTSF)

1 (400) Policemen Thank you Services Fund (PTHSF)

1 (400) Firefighters Thank you Services Fund (FTHSF)

1 (400) Head Start Fund (HSF)

1 (400) Higher Education Endowment Fund (HEEF)

1 (400) Wounded Warriors Project (WWP)

1 (400) Navy Seal Foundation (NSF)

1 (400) Cancer Research Foundation (CRF)

1 (400) Aids Research Fund (ARF)

1 (400) Forest Lands Foundation (FLF)
1 (400) National Parks Fund (NPF)

1 (400) Clean Fresh Water Fund (CFWF)

1 (400) Clean Streams Project (CSP)

1 (400) Clean Oceans Foundation (COF)

1 (400) Clean Beaches Foundation (CBF)

1 (400) Neighbor Home Fire Disaster Fund (NHFDF)

1 (400) Domestic Family Assistance Fund (DFAF)

1 (400) Foster Care Fund (FCF)

1 (400) Habitual Influence & Recovery Fund  (HIRF)

1 (400) Earthquake Disaster Relief Fund (EDRF)

1 (400) Flood Recovery Fund (FRF)
1 (400) Breast Cancer Research Fund (BCRF)
1 (400) Prostate Cancer Research Fund (PCRF)
1 (400) Heart Health Research Fund (HHRF)

1 (400) Autism Research Fund (ARF)
1 (400) SIDS Research Fund (SRF)
1 (400) Down Syndrome Research Fund (DSRF)
1 (400) Stem Cell Research Fund (SCRF)

1 (400) Adoption Alternative Fund (AAF)
1 (400) End Teenage Homeless Fund (ETHF)

1 (400) Blind Foundation (BF)
1 (400) Hearing Impaired Foundation (HIF)

1 (400) Traumatic Brain Injury Fund (TBIF)
1 (400) Physical Fitness Foundation (PFF)
1 (400) Boys and Girl Clubs of America (BGCA)

Call centers will create thousands of jobs generating trillions of dollars. Each call will cost $1 to fund + your donation. 

-- Donations will be applied 100% to organizations. 

-- Each fund will undergo monthly forensic audits.

-- Eliminating the IRS will not eliminate accountants. 

-- Each fund will have separate operating budgets.

Americans are terribly generous & will voluntarily contribute to fund national projects, departments, organizations, research, explorations, etc.  We've already seen this with telethons, crowd funding, Farm Aid, Beat Cancer drives, etc. Eliminating taxes empowers Americans to give even more.  This is a far better approach than being taxed and leaving the funding decisions to Congress! They only waste your money. (See the WasteBook discussion above.) 

(State lotteries have earned states hundreds of billions in the past decade alone; trillions, collectively, since inception.) Lottery jackpots can be reduced from needing 6 numbers to 2 or 3 or 4 and by reducing the available numbers to choose from 60 or 80 to 10 or 20, etc., will greatly increase your odds of winning generating even more money to fund worthwhile endeavors on a consistent basis.

(See Brainstorming Item #28)

First Draft Cartoons

Stevie Tenderheart published comic strip

Congress just doesn't work anymore!


New Subject

YOU Need to Know About the WASTEBOOK

The Federal Government simply can't police themselves effectively.

A national broadcast report in July 2015, Government mailed $60 BILLION in Medicare payments to false addresses, not hospitals or clinics but PO Boxes.

That's $60,000,000,000 wasted taxpayer dollars which could have been used to improve America's infrastructure, schools, roads, or any number of programs.

This money is gone. Wasted. Lost. STOLEN!

The US Government is NOT a good steward of your money. This is why we are in debt as a nation nearly 20 trillion dollars. 

We are following on the heels of Greece, Spain, Russia and more countries which are fiscally insolvent and incompetently managed. It can happen to US. It will happen.

Unless someone steps up and fixes the plague. This is not how your government should behave. This is not an isolated incident. How about we fix this once and for all and hold the US Government accountable?


Add up all the wastebooks for the past several decades and we could paid for every initiative outlined in our party platform with $1M left over for your wallet--tax free.

Going forward, we will have plenty of money to run our downsized federal government now that Congress has been put on restriction by you! Our educational initiatives will benefit greatly from a more responsible government, as will ever other department and state.

Senator Tom Coburn (R) Oklahoma releases his annual Wastebook.  A report on Congressional spending--wasted on frivolous or unnecessary endeavors. You will not believe what you're about to read.

$6.5B wasted in 2012 alone!  - Calculators can't add up ALL the waste over the decades...why do we allow this? Primarily because middle-class Americans are unaware of this shameful behavior.

Now that you do, this is on you and the backs of your children and grandchildren and their children.  

It's your responsibility to effect change by making noise and voting out Congress by replacing them  with Kodel Party members.

It is your money, collectively, that is being wasted. How many more Americans could be helped if this money were poured back into our communities?  Where's the outrage? 

The Protests? Shameful....

You had no say in the matter. This is what we want to change by ending taxes. We want to STOP THE INSANITY & RESTORE COMMON SENSE. We want to put you in charge of your own money. You and you alone will make decisions on how your money is spent (or wasted).

Some  Fine Examples 

of your Tax Dollars at work:

$10M to remake Sesame Street for Pakistan; 

$100k to the international center for the history of electronic games in New York; 

$600k to study why chimps throw their feces; 

$150k for a magic museum in Michigan; the infamous 'bridge to nowhere" $5.3M; and 

$17.8M in aid to CHINA in cash for economic development and social services. Where did we get the money we gave to China? From U.S. Taxpayers? No. "...wait for it..." We BORROWED it from China. 

Let's repeat that: We borrowed money from China to donate it back to China for their economic development & social services! More to the point, we are paying them twice! 

WHEN YOU VOTE, do so wisely and with great responsibility. This is not a game. It's not a popularity contest or voting within your existing parties as these are the robber barrens. It's time to stop the political machines. 

* Solyndra’s Bankruptcy Shows Washington Should Exit the Investing Business

September 3, 2011 at 5:28pm
In the latest green technology snafu, solar power company Solyndra Inc. collapsed this past week despite $385 million in taxpayer-supported loans granted by the Obama Administration. Which brings to mind the question – should the government be investing in risky companies?  
Or, perhaps, more to the point – should the government be in the investment business?

ADDITIONAL POINT OF ORDER: Congress lifts ban on eating horses. Yummy. Can dogs & cats be far behind? 

"...Horses could soon be butchered in the U.S. for human consumption after Congress "quietly" lifted a 5-year-old ban on "funding" horse meant inspections, and activists say slaughterhouses could be up and running in as little as a month..."


(If you don't vote them out of office, blame yourself!)

It's time to replace them all with middle-class citizens of common sense. 



Chronic trade deficits have been permitted to exist for decades by past administrations and Congresses.

China seems to lack honor and integrity in conducting their political, economic and business affairs. (Plastic granules in dry baby formula; lead in paint (children's toys) and more.] Daily Human Rights' violations...computer hacking, stealing intellectual property from U.S. businesses and so much more....

We have China precisely where we want them—leveraged! They hold some $5 trillion of our debt. So, for every act of government sanctioned computer hacking (treasonous in nature and principle, especially since they "own" the USA debt) we will reduce our debt to them with a write-off of $10M. 

For every human rights’ violation taking place in these "modern" times of the world, we will subtract another

$10M and so on. 

We ought to have this debt completely zeroed by  2020. 

It’s time to step-up. 

Stop the rhetoric and step-up. It’s time to stop the fighting—amongst ourselves and with other nations. 

PEACE and ECONOMIC stability are attainable. They can co-exist.

Politics is a bad hand to play. It makes us weak. Balanced and Fair Trade Practices are a cornerstone K-Party policy. A world economy must place win-win trade policies in place. Imports and Exports will never become equal but they can be better balanced. Unions can play a key role in achieving fair trade by supporting a Kodel Party White House & Congress. Walmart imports more products from China than all the grains of sands from every shoreline. U.S.-Japan automobile and light truck deficit is approaching $100 billion. Plants being built in the USA by foreign automakers are moving the needle

but more needs to be done...

The U.S. trade deficit widened in November for the first time in five months.Exports fell for the second straight month while imports rose to an all-time high...The Commerce Department says the deficit increased 10.4 percent to $47.8 billion, the highest level since June. Exports dropped 0.9 in November to $177.8 billion...Fewer shipments of autos and capital goods, such as aircraft and machinery, were the key reason. Imports rose 1.3 percent to a record $225.6 billion. Here's the rub, a decline in exports weakens U.S. growth!

American businesses need access in other economies as they would enjoy ours.
It's one thing if demand drops and quite another when countries don't permit our exports. Those policies will change!

Line by line, every trade deficit will be evaluated & balanced. 

This will be addressed. 

Please refer to the NTS discussion for a foundation on the National Transaction  Surcharge standard. Purchases made across state lines, will earn that state a 7% surcharge. This will foster true competition while enticing consumers to buy local, or at the very least, within their state, as the NTS doubles for inter-state commerce. In those cases where purchases are made out of state, across state lines, a transaction revenue income stream of equal measure will be used to fund sister states and will be applied on all sales.
A National Transaction Surcharge (NTS) will replace all taxes. Purchases originating within the United States to any location outside the United States, will incur a 14% transaction surcharge. (14 cents on the dollar) The resident state treasury will retain the entire surcharge. (Unless a RARC or TWAS card is used. See Brainstorming page, Items 1 & 11 -- Spirit Bonds & New Generation IRA.) Consumers will have greater buying power and be in complete control of their dollars. NTS will replace all current sales taxes, excise taxes, income taxes, and those taxes you find on your telephone bills, gasoline purchases, tires, etc.

For example, consumers living in or visiting Oregon who place a catalog or internet order to California will pay a 14% total surcharge, 7% for Oregon and 7% for crossing the border into California. Or $14 per $100 spent. The state treasuries each benefit with this policy. 

That same customer residing in Oregon but making a purchase in Germany, Japan or elsewhere, will pay the entire 14% surcharge to the State of Oregon. Other nations will not benefit from the NTS.
Given that citizens no longer have any tax liability whatsoever, they will exercise complete control over their hard-earned dollars! They'll be free to make purchases locally supporting their communities or wherever their hearts' desire takes them.

First Draft Cartoons
Stevie Tenderheart published comic strip

​​Founding Architect 
The Kodel Party

Steve William Laible, MBA

 Retired from the USAF on

New Year's Eve 1993 after a distinguished 22-year career as both enlisted & officer (mustang) 

retiring as a captain. 

Born  in Ashland, Oregon, raised in Klamath Falls, Burns,

 Pismo Beach, CA, 

  Coos Bay, Oregon

graduating from Marshfield  High  (Go Pirates!)

before enlisting in the

United States Air Force.​​

             WALL STREET

Wall Street will take the lead in funding the Federal Government.

A National Transaction Surcharge (NTS) will be incurred on every executed stock transaction at 7% (7 cents per dollar) based on the settlement amount. This includes every share traded, IPOs, acquisitions, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), options, currency trades (including CNBC BK's "Beekers" fav Bitcoins), commodities, etc., and is applied for every exchange in the world, where American Traders or American companies or their subsidiaries and affiliates live, trade or conduct business.

This surcharge is applied to the buyer and the seller of a stock shared equally at 7% each, or a total of 14% per trade. (.14 cents per dollar combined) 

Foreign traders of American stocks/ETFs, etc, will pay 15% NTS (or .15 cents on the dollar) with 13 going to the U.S. Treasury and 2% going to the company being traded. (ETF/Mutual Funds, etc., where no individual company is traded, as these are groups of corporations, all 15% NTS will go to the U.S. Treasury.)

(And before you traders balk, remember you are no longer paying taxes anymore. No income taxes, property taxes, capital gains, or IRS filings, etc.) You're welcome.

This is how you do your part in helping repair the greatest country ever founded. Your actions will help restore America in all her glory and rebuild faith with her people on Mainstreet. (And yes, we recognize many traders live on Mainstreet too.) But no one is exempt from the National Transaction Surcharge. It's just the cost of doing business. 

Guy buys GE and Pete sells some GE. Each pays their 7% NTS. This 14% is allocated as follows: 5% NTS will go to their states of residence; 2% will go to the company being traded (GE)*; and the final 2% will be sent to the Federal Government. All funds will be disbursed daily. When these traders buy Mutual Funds/ETFs, 5% goes to the trader's respective states and 4% to the U.S. Treasury. 

*Two percent (2%) of the NTS will be returned to those companies whose stock is being traded, optioned, etc. This will provide companies with an untaxed revenue stream which will allow them to help sustain their business, fund & expand their business and  CREATE JOBS!! (Also funded on a daily basis, at execution.) 

The Kodel Party will fix, heal, & jump start, this economy once and for all. We will foster expansion (because it creates more jobs and sustains them) and being free and clear of any tax implications, companies will be able to lower prices as they innovate & develop.

Billions of shares are traded weekly. This volume will likely increase as there will no longer be income or capital gains implications. Traders will be free to buy and sell at will with no fear of taxes or how much they make, (capital gains). This initiative will bring great prosperity to America.

This is what "outside the box" thinking looks like!

Businesses and Corporations will no longer pay taxes, payroll or income, property, etc. [This is a tough concept to comprehend for most, as this is all we've ever known.] Paying zero taxes, puts trillions of dollars back into American workers' wallets. Which is a much better (safer) place to be, as it also lifts the weight off the backs of taxpayers, which has been too heavy a burden to carry.  Re-directing, managing and administrating the bureaucracy of the IRS is long, long over due.

The (IRS and Businesses) will operate more efficiently. (See IRS discussion) Businesses will create jobs for millions of Americans and lower production costs will be the net affect on products, as there will be no near-term reason to raise salaries as workers will have more income as a result of no longer having a tax burden on them or for the company who hires them. (If a worker earns, $30,000, their take-home pay will be $30k. (Ergo, the 30k Party.) This will hold down inflation, and it will certainly make fire-scorching recession dragons a thing of the past. Adding more jobs will only generate an even greater demand for goods and services and here we go again, add even MORE JOBS!

This is a self-sustaining employment model.

See Commerce discussion. 

Businesses and Corporations will be required to pay the standard National Transaction Surcharge (7%) for all components of their business/products, services, etc. If a company operates in various states, this NTS will be applied in the state placing the order. If orders cross state lines, If components are purchased from overseas vendors, a 2nd 7% NTS applies and paid to the state where orders are drop-shipped for final manufacturing or assembly. (We want to encourage doing business with USA vendors.) 


Corporations are traditionally quite philanthropic. While it serves their branding agendas, they nonetheless give hundreds of millions of dollars to several worthwhile organizations, communities and hospitals annually. This will only increase as there will no longer be any tax implications, thereby benefiting communities and organizations even greater.  Kroger Family of Stores donates some $13 million a month! Over $200 million per year. Corporate America does more for America than the average American realizes... 

Other GREAT EXAMPLES of CORPORATE PHILANTHROPY is TARGET STORES and Valero Oil. Target is on track to donate $1 BILLION by 2015 to schools, K-12 so children can be better prepared for college. Valero Oil a PGA sponsor of the Texas Open has donated over $100 million to children's charities/hospitals. 

It is my extreme belief, if we truly partner with corporate America, and eliminate their taxes, they will return manufacturing to America, and will give back in ways that will be generous, competitive and unmatched to research, scholarships, and thousands of yet to be created opportunities, projects and programs. Corporate America will build a stronger America.



US Companies returning to their homeland, will forever be exempt from all taxes! They will be free to earn whatever capital they can amass. This will create jobs! 

They will only be subject to the National Transaction Surcharge of 7%. (They will pay a 7% surcharge on every component transaction needed to conduct business (wholesale, retail, services industry, etc.) and companies will collect a 7% national transaction surcharge from consumers if selling directly to the public, via the Internet, mail order sales, telemarketing sales, retail, and wholesale, etc.)

National Transaction Surcharge (NTS) will be collected in those individual states where business is conducted, home-based, order fulfillment, etc., and put on deposit with the IRS on a daily basis.

American businesses will generate millions of jobs and push this country far beyond economic recovery. Foreign businesses will also be exempt from all taxes if they choose to relocate to the USA and hire U.S. citizens. Any merger, IPO or acquisition will incur the NTS based on the executed contract price and added value, including all shares, options, cash, buildings, equipment, assets, etc. 

As most U.S. Corporations claim Delaware as their corporate State of Record of incorporation, Delaware could likely become the richest nation in the world! Of course, after NTS implementation, all states will benefit equally, as there will no longer be a tax advantage to incorporate solely in Delaware. 

Unknown amounts of currency is being held/hidden abroad strictly to avoid taxation. With the U.S. Government no longer a country with income tax or any taxes whatsoever, the secret stashes in the Cayman Island, Swiss bank accounts,  etc., will return to the USA and help her prosper. U.S. Banks will have increased balance sheets and be able to loan without borrowing or ever again be the willing or unwilling participates of TARP.

Adopting this new paradigm will go along ways to bridge the gap of hostility and anger currently present between Wall Street and Mainstreet. Occupy Wall Street can fold their tents & find a job.


​​The Kodel Administration 
Does NOT support a $15hr minimum wage!

Here's why. It’s about you, as an employee, taking your power back and it’s about employers understanding and appreciating your value. An employer can’t exist without you! You have to understand this concept. They do. Employers risk their entire livelihoods in deciding to start a business. If you don’t appreciate this, you should. To force them with unrealistic financial constraints before they’ve even earned their first dollar is an unfair and unnecessary burden that puts their enterprise and family in peril. 

Nobody wins if this business goes under. Our objective is for everyone to not only strive for success but to succeed. Existing businesses, those with sales, profits, budgets, etc., will know exactly how to establish their payroll structure and not risk their businesses. If they don’t offer a fair wage, it’s up to you to take responsibility and not to apply for work. Eventually, equilibrium will be established.

Income inequality is a flawed concept. Nobody is 'entitled.' Nowhere is it written where everyone should earn the same wage. We are all individuals. We are all unique. We all possess different intellectual levels. We all make choices, rightly or wrongly. We all have different interests. We all have different levels of ambition, inspiration, dedication. We all demonstrate different levels of effort. We all have different experiences, training, education, etc. People have to drop this entitlement mindset once and for all. You are not entitled. What you do deserve is equal opportunity. No barriers whatsoever.  This is our mandate.

Under the Kodel Administration workers and businesses will no longer have to pay taxes. This will allow you to earn and keep a pure wage. Having more disposal income will empower you as never before. It gives you 100% control of the money you earn. That’s how you take back your power. The government is no longer going to pull money from your checks. This goes far beyond the scope of this $15 minimum wage discussion but suffice it to say, the government will get lean and be prevented from wasting trillions of hard earned tax dollars funding foreign regimes; because, frankly, that’s where your money goes and that stops now. 

State and Federal government must exit this debate at all levels and leave it to the free market.

 If for example, a franchise hamburger chain wants to thrive in the burger business, they require employees to make and sell those burgers. If they don't pay enough, it's up to you "the employee" to walk away. Better yet, don't even apply if the pay is so little or not to your liking. You could negotiate for a higher wage at this particular establishment. The responsibility for low wages rests solely on the workforce. They won't sell even one burger without you. You need to take back YOUR POWER.

As a collective body (workforce) you have to make them see your value.  

A business has made a huge investment in starting their business. It makes sense for them to budget that investment into their wages. If they can't pay a healthy wage, they ought not be in business and

would do better working for someone else themselves.

Another example. Hotels and motels need their rooms made up. Otherwise, no traveler would stay in their establishment. If they don't pay a wage you accept, don't apply.  Eventually, they will come around as few managers want to make beds or clean rooms. DEMAND a higher wage by letting the marketplace dictate the fair wage. We have to let the capital markets work they way they are supposed to.

Supply and demand. This goes for labor too.

This is exactly what happens with cell phone companies. It's competition that lowers prices. 

Also, it is not businesses responsibility to provide for you and your family. That falls on your shoulders. It is your responsibility to improve your worth through education, job skills, etc., for better paying jobs. High School students need entry level jobs to learn responsibilities and earn some money. Not $15hr. 

Besides, waiting for many years to reach the $15hr level doesn't solve today's economic problem!

A possible work-around for small businesses against the wave of $15hr implementation is to stop offering wage positions altogether and only offer salaried ones.  The unintended consequences of this $15hr movement has yet to be realized. The 'entitled' generation believes everyone should cater to their every whim on demand. It's the wrong mindset. 

Socialist supporters are of this generation. They feel entitled and want everything for free.

That's not how the world works and never will. It's lazy. 

Ideally, a winning working business model is where employees are stakeholders in the company.
WINCO is a great example. Many employees are millionaires. It fosters incredible loyalty; lower loss prevention and fully compensated employees (all who own the company).

WINCO = Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, Oregon.
Google it. 

The burden on small businesses is not being understood by those seeking a minimum wage increase. It's imperative to look at the big picture from both sides. Under the Kodel Administration, we end ALL taxes as you know them. Paychecks will be fat as a result. Workers will have total control over the money they earn. If it's not enough at a particular job, find another higher paying one. Employers will also no longer have to withhold from your paycheck and pay for your entitlements. We are shifting responsibilities where they belong.  Businesses will no longer pay taxes, so they will have more money. 

Employers no longer having to pay taxes lightens their financial burden dramatically. The days of just getting by are over under the Kodel Administration. Employees will pay for their own dental, healthcare, or like incentives such as 401(k) matching. This is an extreme burden (expense) for employers. 

The entire USA minimum wage workforce nearly doubles their income under our policies

and aren't taxed either, improving their quality of life, self-esteem, pride and most importantly,

they earn respect for themselves. This is the American Dream.

Unions protect its members. We need the entire union body to support the Kodel Party. But now unions can focus on workplace safety not income. Nobody but you belongs in your wallet!

This isn't only about food services. It's about the entire minimum wage workforce. Doubling their income is a good thing for the U.S. economy. Rising from poverty actually creates new pathways for advancement and quality of life, lifting morale and improving self-esteem, giving real hope to millions of loyal Americans. What business wouldn't want more affluent and abundant customers? Demand for goods and services will create more jobs and more importantly reduce social service programs, lifting the burden from communities, states and federal governments. Make sense? It's called common sense and fiscal responsibility. Look, the government is a horrible steward of public funds. We endeavor to put the money back into your pocket once and for all giving you complete control of your hard work.

During '
my' time as an Air Force sergeant on a special duty assignment with the Commander-in-Chief, Pacific (CINCPAC) at Camp H.M. Smith, Hawaii, I had Navy & Marine enlisted friends on 'food stamps' and this never made sense to me--how lower ranking enlisted personnel were working/living below minimum wage. How does a government permit this?  The same thing is happening to a vast majority of the civilian workforce. The Kodel Party would fix this once and for all. In fact, the entire mission of the Kodel Party is meant to champion the working, middle class. This is our premise. We will also make it better for the upper middle classes. They also should not be misrepresented. Prosperity for everyone is our mission. We have to clear pathways for you to succeed but it is you who has to walk the path. You must vote for a Kodel Party vision.

One way we accomplish this is to stop using your hard-earned money to fund other dictators, foreign regimes and wasted programs. Let's repeat what you already know: The federal government is not a good steward of the national wealth. The Kodel Party would rather you control your own money! All of it. 

People working at low paying jobs deserve more respect than they get, more than we give them. You no longer have to pay taxes under our platform so you will have more money. It's your money. We're just giving it back to you. Want more money, find a higher paying job. When you climb the ladder of success, you empty the rungs below you giving more opportunities for those just starting out. More discretionary income will improve your quality of life. The critical message here is to put all Americans in charge of their own money. What a concept. You are not going to be arbitrarily taxed; you can spend your money any way YOU choose. If you waste your own money, that's on you. 

Ending the complete tax structure by implementing the National Transaction Surcharge (NTS) of only 7 cents on the dollar is meant to replace the entire IRS (Federal/State) taxes. Basically it's a consumption surcharge. Better you decide where and how your money goes than some bureaucratic tax code/tables. 

Homeowners, imagine paying a property sales surcharge only once when you buy your house and not for the next 30+ years! Imagine what you could do with your saved 29+ years of property taxes. Common sense says you'll spend your money going to more monthly movies, dinners, shopping, trips, etc.

People will have full and complete access to their hard-earned paychecks. When they spend their money on goods & services this will create an enduring cycle of prosperity. There will actually be MORE jobs not less. 

When people have more buying power many positive things happen. Prices actually go down. When you have more money, more disposable income, you have options. That gives you more freedoms.

Consumers vote with their dollars every single day. Those who want to trade their products and services for your dollars or bitcoins will compete for your business. This lowers prices.  The Kodel Party wants you to keep your entire paycheck. You will have 100% say where to spend it.  Every working person will be able to afford better automobiles; homes; education; groceries; clothing; entertainment; appliances; services, vacations, etc. This stimulates an economy. Why can't the leadership of this country figure this out?  

Vote KODEL PARTY= America the Beautiful.

Vote KODEL PARTY = America the Beautiful.




By adding more disposable income for all workers AND businesses, stimulating the economy even more, by eliminating ALL taxes for all citizens AND businesses, we can reshape the country as never before.

This is why we need you as a founding father and founding mother for a new America.  

We WILL end ALL TAXES as you know them. This includes income taxes, capital gains taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, inheritance taxes, lottery taxes, all of them. 

The American Dream is truly achievable but you need to step up and push back against the status quo. Someone tweeted recently how the media nor the two national parties will ever allow the Kodel Party. I find that so funny. You get that you don't need their permission right? Did our forefathers ask permission of their KING? Or did they take back their country?  The latter is the correct answer.

If union leaders pulled their bodies together we could definitely gain the attention of those who would otherwise discourage U.S.  One voice accomplishes nothing. Can you imagine one signature on the Declaration of Independence?  Bill of Rights?  Hardly...

It's time for you, yes, you, to step up and help us build the Kodel Party as a legitimate party of the people by the people for the people. Okay? So do we have a deal?  Will you lead us out from under our current form of government which you know is wholly impotent. 

How do you join the Kodel Party?  Easy.


How can you help? Vote, Organize, Share and Support US on social media. Keep your money/donations.

We want, need your voice more. We do not require or need funding. Not in this day and age of social media. We can unite as one calming voice and make the difference Americans are crying for....it all begins with you! 

Now back to how we want you to keep ALL YOUR MONEY:

If you win $500 million in a Mega MILLIONS Lottery jackpot, you keep it ALL!  You and you alone decide when, how and where to spend it. It's YOUR MONEY. The Government has NO RIGHT TO IT. You decide how to improve your station in life, your family, your very extended family, charities, endowments, or send your winnings to aid citizens in foreign countries who need food, medical equipment and supplies. You will be a far better steward of your money than your 'Uncle' Sam.  Believe that!

Instead of taxes,The Kodel Party has a plan where Wall Street helps fund our government as never before.  It's a creative, innovative forward-thinking master plan.

(And yes, you can nominate our candidate for the Nobel Prize.)

He'd like that...

A Kodel Administration has a plan where state and federal governments become self-sustaining by investing in America instead of taxing US citizens to death. Gone are the every present funding levies. As our government shrinks in size, power, overreach and control, they will not require as much money to function. We will end the daily million dollar payouts to foreign regimes and keep that money home where it belongs rebuilding America, creating jobs, improving the lives of Americans. Improving and updating our many infrastructure needs, power grids, water sheds, roads, bridges, buildings, etc.

We want to change the way our government is funded and how our tax money is spent, wasted! 

 If you are 100% in control of YOUR money, the power you yield is nearly immeasurable.

The Kodel Party empowers you to decide when, where and how to spend your money, by replacing ALL taxes with a small national transaction surcharge (NTS) proposed at 7 cents for every dollar you spend, with a few exceptions for healthcare concerns of 15 cents per dollar, which will fund future medical costs, the federal government, while also creating income/profit streams for you [providing you with hundreds of thousands of dollars at retirement]. A collective effort which benefits everyone, including businesses and governments (city, state, federal).  We must end social programs. That's not an efficient way to lead a country. We want to lift Americans up. We want to give businesses true leadership and get out of their way so they can compete, thrive and sustain our working force through innovation by ending bureaucracy once and for all.

The Kodel Party will ask Congress to designate a national holiday were we celebrate the annual



(This will replace our current tax structure.)

The Kodel Party has a better way.

Wall Street will take the lead in funding the US Treasury. States will set the federal government budget!

NTS will apply to all manner of commerce for goods and services. Every single trade, every second, every day, all 5-6 trillion/billion/million shares/trades. The U.S. Treasury, state and local governments will all benefit without income or property taxes, which really do stifle local economies, progress and innovation. NTS funds small businesses too. The NTS also funds Social Security, your IRAs, Healthcare, Education, National Disasters, while also creating 50+ million new jobs and sustaining them while attaining peace.)

 It's about time someone designed a better formula than 'taxes.' You're Welcome.

By electing Kodel Party candidates in future elections...who share our vision, we can take our country in the direction she's meant to be heading. Our mission is to infiltrate Congress and the White House and actually get some work done. Imagine that. We must pivot now before our country fails on all fronts. 

You, small businesses, corporations and government agencies (city, county, state & federal)

will all benefit under our restructuring initiatives. 

All taxes will be abolished & replaced with a Kodel Party White House/Congress implementing NTS instead. At all levels of commerce, a consumption surcharge will simplify and empower finance.

ALL tax exemptions, deductions, loopholes, tax shelters, codes, forms, etc., will be eliminated. Offshore accounts will become unnecessary moving trillions of dollars back into our economy. There will no longer be a need to itemize, amortize, defer losses, take write-offs, etc.  The IRS will be re-purposed.

A company, or sole proprietor, will simply collect a 'proposed' (for this argument's sake)

a 7% National Transaction Surcharge (NTS) on all sales for goods and services. 

In the final analysis, maybe it's lower or higher.

Regardless, even paying a dime surcharge for every dollar you spend takes 

the government out of your pocket whether you spend money or not.

NTS gives you 100% control over your money and discretionary spending.

A straightforward National Transaction Surcharge (NTS) will be applied on sales/purchases.

This will be the national standard.

This will capture some 200+ million US consumers and untold millions more foreign consumers who buy, rent or lease goods and services, real estate, vehicles, land, stocks, etc., within our borders and territories who have not otherwise been directly engaged in funding our nation through income taxes.

Billions of dollars will be saved from the IRS making fraudulent refunds.

Trillions more will be saved as social programs are eventually defunded

in the coming decades as we shift this new funding paradigm when more individual responsibility

is taken and shifted away from the government.

Never again will your taxes rise.

Your property taxes will also cease

thereby saving you 30 years of having to pay taxes after your initial purchase,

giving you more monthly disposable income to do as you wish,

likely putting it back into the economy, 

but also eliminating the threat of losing your home due to back taxes.  

From children who buy bubble gum and candy bars to teens & preteens who must see Twilight or Frozen a dozen times, to tax dodgers and street dwellers who buy their wine & smokes but never pay taxes, to those undocumented and foreign tourists, and every person in-between.  Corporations can actually lower prices because of this free market trade and no longer have a tax liability. 

This NTS puts the consumer in total control giving them immense buying power.
One National Standard Surcharge. One! One for everyone. No one is exempt. 

Everyone will participate NTS.

Yes, even children. It's the right thing to do...

So if you complain about this, bellyache or throw a hissy fit,

you align yourself with whiners who just like to hear themselves

take the negative side of any issue.

The point here is to resist & reset your mindset.

We are seeking better solutions than those which currently exist.

If you have a better idea, present it.

(See Advice page.)

We will listen.

But be productive in your speech

or you will not gain favor or be engaged in an intelligent debate. 
Noise is just noise...
Appeal to your common senses.


We are putting you in control of your own money! 

How you spend it is up to you.
To repeat: All 'taxes' as you know them will be eliminated! 

This includes: income, payroll, inheritance, capital gains, excise (sales), property, etc.

The IRS will no longer have any power over private citizens.

The tax code will be burned in symbolic community bonfires throughout the country on April 15, 2020.

The IRS will be redirected away from private citizens and re-tasked to collect from States and states alone. State auditors and the IRS will monitor businesses and corporations
on their transaction totals and NTS collections based on wholesale purchases, inventory and receipts. 

We will END all of those added fees found on your utility, cellphone, bills, etc. 

Which do you think is most cost effective: 

To manage and administer to 50 States or 200+ million American citizens?

NY State has 14,000 state agencies! 

Do you think that's a problem? I think it's absurd!

Ever calculate how many state and federal agencies their are?

They even have agencies watch-dogging other agencies and so on and so on...

How many does your state have?

The framers never imagined in their wildest dreams just

how big and how out of control government would get.

The Kodel Party is going to fix that.
CAL THOMAS (Syndicated columnist) wrote an interesting article some years back.

"States leak funds from federal pipeline." 

According to the National Taxpayers Union (NTU) Washington state is planning to put a tax-increase proposal on the ballet in March, while California voters are likely to vote in November on raising taxes.

California is a certifiably insolvent state.

It is in deep debt because Democratic politicians won't stop spending, not because taxpayers aren't paying their "fair share"...The federal government spends $40 billion a year on highway construction but does not track how many projects are over budget, how much goes toward overruns or whether the record is getting better or worse...Water main breaks...according to NTU, hundreds of times a year around the country, ....What could be done to save money when it comes to broken water mains? Corrosion is the main cause of the breaks due to old metallic pipes. NTU estimates the broken pipes are a $50.7 billion drain on the economy. Read all about it at www.ntu.org Governments should be regularly audited by outside auditors. Their sole interest should be saving taxpayers money.

Any program or agency that wastes money ought to be updated or eliminated. If taxpayers don't force big government at the state and federal levels to go on a diet, the bloating will only continue to be the detriment of our economic health."  

            Cal Thomas, Email: tmseditors@tribune.com (Buffalo, NY). 

So, as you can see, we really do need your help. Our Kodel Party Platform is the best bet for your buck. Your money is better spent on a new model. 

It's time to bring that number down at every level of government.
The operational costs alone will save trillions over decades!

The IRS scale of operations (and budget) for the current 150+ million taxpayers will be greatly diminished. The loss of uncollected revenue will be plugged. States will pay, every time! 

IRS audits and tax cheats will evaporate. 

Shifting the focus to the 50 States and those businesses within those states will keep the IRS & accountants plenty busy enough. But the process will be streamlined. Businesses will no longer have to pay income taxes, payroll taxes, and likewise, they won't need to find tax breaks, exemptions, write-offs, etc. Businesses will simply be accountable for collecting and paying the state the NTS. 

States will use the revenue to operate their domains and portion an amount to 
the federal government so they can operate our national interests.

The federal government will shrink by 3/5 as their span of control is transferred to states.

The federal government will be forced to focus on national security issues;

FDA, water, transportation, airspace, border gateways, defense of our homeland, etc. 


States are the "best" stewards of their boundary domains. They have the best interests at heart of their residents, wildlife, lands and natural resources. States are wholly capable of preserving and protecting their respective statehood(s). States will be empowered as the Constitution intended. 

States who partner with businesses to grow their economies and meet the needs of their citizens will do a far better job than the federal government. They will govern and serve their domains in the best interests of their states. It really comes down to a more effective and efficient "span of control".  States can begin pilot programs sharing those which achieve success with their sister states. Instead of just trying to keep afloat, States must be allowed and encouraged to innovate! 

Instead of having a federal mandate, where each state must salute smartly and fall in lock step, a better formula may be to have multiple state pilot programs (a functioning, practical lab) and when they get it right, other states can adopt it as their own. We need to restore competition between states. Who knows what discoveries will revealed. States have been so preoccupied with their own economies over the decades, they have missed out on the benefits and inertia of collective collaborative efforts with their 49 brothers and sisters. Sort of makes the term "United" moot.  [Congress probably hasn't dropped "united" yet because

The States of America just sounds a little too odd yet.] 

Unless we refresh our nation, and start working together, this could happen. 
We could actually become the States of America or SA for short.

Regulations used responsibly is a good thing. Over regulation is needless, pointless strangles a society.

Too many agendas and self-interests create a very narrow scope of tolerance or compliance.

Over regulation impedes progress and innovation and ceases to incentivize those affected.

It chokes off enthusiasm and organic growth. 

A fair and reasonable system is what is needed to promote the common good.

States will collaborate and share successful paradigms. States, churches and other organizations will be empowered to solve those social ills which are currently present within society.

Empowering States and their citizens will have a synergistic effect on society. 

It's going to be amazing what we will accomplish together,

now that our efforts are no longer focused overseas on other nations.
It's about time, yes?


Under our National Transaction Surcharge (NTS) plan, every American will have more permanent disposable income  Their paychecks will be full, having earned their entire salary or wage.

(Tax liabilities no longer exist.) 

More importantly, millions more will have an income, for the first time in a long time,

because of the tens of millions of new job opportunities created. 

With a fully employed nation, with all people having more disposable income the demand for goods and services, housing, entertainment, recreation, electronics, apparel, travel, dining, etc., will increase, having a positive synergistic and exponential effect on our local communities,

the national economy and the world-at-large.

Every seller will be competing for your business. You will have the power to bring prices down.


VOTE Kodel Party!

To end the ...


Their mission will be redirected to collect revenue from states not citizens.

A January 2012 report states that for tax year 2006, people and businesses underpaid their taxes by an estimated  
$450 Billion !!!  That's lost money. More than the entire Defense Budget.

An audit has lowered the loss to "only" 
$385 Billion, the agency said.

PLEASE GET THIS:  If the uncollected taxes were nearly $400 billion in 2006 alone, it sort of begs the question, why don't they have the figures for 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010?  Here's why.

Because the IRS is too big and too inefficient.

If we add together the underpaid taxes for just those five (5) years that's just above

$2 trillion dollars the federal government did not collect.

Our National Transaction Surcharge (NTS) plugs this hole. 

Moreover, the NTS shrinks the IRS  mission and budget

redirecting them to collect revenue from states and not individuals. 

That's another trillion or two in savings.  




No citizen has a moral obligation to assist in maintaining the government.

If Congress insists on making stupid mistakes and passing foolish tax laws,

millionaires should not be condemned if they take advantage of them. 

                                                        J. P. Morgan


With A Kodel Party Administration
Citizens will no longer pay taxes to States or the Federal Governments. 

ALL TAXES will end under the Kodel Party White House!

Taxing citizens is as archaic as stone wheels navigating through quicksand. It will sink the axle, chassis, body, luggage and occupants. Taxation has been the cause of revolutions, tea parties, and too many Ruby Ridges to count. Since the beginning to time, citizens have been taxed to fund the war machine not true national infrastructure or innovation but rather war! 

Sadly we have created a segment of society who must rely on that free lunch (even if it comes from a garbage can or from the ground). Do you suppose, there was ever an occasion, when he was five or six, that he imagined his life this way? No longer will this segment need to malinger or scrounge. Not because we mandate it but because Government steps aside.  Communities will have more money to innovate and give every citizen a second chance at life. 

Hopelessness is a terrible place to live.

The Kodel Party will create more opportunities, jobs, education, and training. You will have to work but there will be jobs! No child left behind sort of excludes an entire segment don't you think?  Forgotten souls do what they must. Don't judge them too harshly. 

Mental Health, Educational & Training opportunities will be abundantly available. You will no longer be able to "blame" the government on your woes. Food Stamps is what a poor nation provides. It is shameful

How Hauntingly Shameful...

We've created poverty in our very own nation and ignored mental illness.

We endeavor to correct these national crises  immediately! 


Mouths to feed, millions of hungry

adults and children, in our own backyard.



​​​We will become a rich nation once again.

Rich in the American Spirit, personal wealth and opportunities.

We shall shrink the role of the federal government and to do that,

we must reboot the process.

May we count on you?


Citizens are not being fully or fairly represented,

and Congress has mismanaged the American dowry for decades, ergo,

the Federal Government has lost the right to tax its citizens or fund their ill advised wars, foreign dictatorships, pork, etc.

It's OUR money after all.  

So  the  Mayans  weren't correct, life as we know it, didn't end in 2012.

​ALL the MORE reason to solve these issues now

as tomorrow is not promised.

The Kodel Party will spark a new beginning.

Let the eclipse begin...​​



It's time we put a new face on the economy. Citizens will no longer fund the Federal Government directly. 

The 50 States of America will collect revenue generated within their states and a percentage of these monies will fund the federal government.  

Whatever is collected by states and sent to DC will become the federal budget, period! 

It is the mandate of the Kodel Party to relinquish the FED stranglehold on states and return the power, and a great deal of the responsibility to the states. It is simply a management principle, "span of control." 

States will do a much better job running their own states and programs. States who do not manage their resources effectively or efficiently, will not have the federal government available to bail them out and will have to answer directly to the citizenry. 

This is the dawning of a new age of government.  The federal operating budget will naturally be less. (Our tax dollars will no longer fund wars or aggression.) Congress will no longer have at its disposal, unlimited taxpayer funding to waste or send overseas. The money earned and generated within our borders will be spent on our people and communities. America First.

This new paradigm will give citizens complete control of all “their” money and it will be at their discretion how it is spent. Minimum wage now becomes a living wage. 

If you earn $30k at you job, your take-home pay will be $30k !!! 

This is a true economic freedom!

Income taxes, payroll taxes, capital gains taxes, property taxes, inheritance taxes, sales taxes--all gone!!!! 

(Retirement will be lowered to 59.) IRAs will be funded by differently. Social Security will no longer exist once NTS is phased in over the next 20 years under this new funding model--eliminating a major gov't expense that will no longer be necessary. Healthcare and education will also be funded more efficiently. The federal government needs to get out of the business of "business." Case in point, the wasted $600,000,000 bringing The Affordable Health Care Act online; or funding Solyndra energy as another wasted project of $385 million of your tax dollars.  

This has to stop!

(Please see the WASTEBOOK page above!)


Our New Funding paradigm removes billions of dollars from the federal government's control and

puts the power and control in your hands.  

Instead of the current funding model (taxes) ...

The Kodel Party proposes: 

A 7% National Transaction Surcharge (NTS) will be applied to all goods & services.

You decide, on a daily basis, where and how "your" hard-earned dollars are spent. In a sense, you will be voting every single day.

The power you will yield will be unprecedented. Especially if you ban together in blocks, further exercising your purchasing power. Once your National Transaction Surcharge (NTS) is collected by the states, it is their responsibility to fund the federal government and state projects.

From candy bars to yachts, everyone will pay the same--7% NTS. Well, that's not entirely accurate. For specific foods that create or contribute to our healthcare crisis, the NTS will increase to at least 15%.  This will put the burden of funding healthcare on those who will likely need it most, one bite at a time.  (See Healthcare page.)

There are billions of transactions daily. Probably more!  This 7% rate could be locked for one decade. With Americans possessing the power of their paychecks, they will regain control over their lives and competition will force prices downward. 

This surcharge will be collected and sent to state treasuries to fund states. This transaction model will provide a statewide minute by minute income stream that will serve as the needed fuel to run the state’s economic engine. 

7 cents from every dollar will be your fair American share. 

Later, you will see how Wall Street will take the lead in funding the U. S. Government along with other programs that keep Americans in charge of all their money. (See Brainstorming; Wall Street, NTS, Economy pages, etc.)

Write-in Vote

Oregon's 2nd Congressional District

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Steve served several high level, special duty, joint service tours directly supporting 4-star flag officers (Admirals & Generals): Commander-in-Chief, Pacific (CINCPAC) at Camp H.M. Smith, Hawaii; the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) The Pentagon; and was the Chief of Administration for the United States Air Force Honor Guard (WASH DC) during the Reagan  Administration.  

He received the personal recommendation from the Secretary of the Air Force to attend Officer Training School (OTS) where he received a direct commission to First Lieutenant after the Air Force Board of Correction of Military Records' decision going from Technical Sergeant to Captain selection in ten months (E-6 to 0-3). He was selected for early retirement (22 years) - Congressional mandated force reduction.   

He served as the Executive Officer to three base commanders under the Tactical Air Command (TAC) Air Division with multi-million dollar budgets supporting the only F-4G Phantom II (Wild Weasel) flying training operation in the world. He was appointed as the President, Parole/Clemency Board and served as project officer for dozens of campaigns, fundraising drives and special projects at the Pentagon and throughout his career. The Base Commander once wrote a permanent record evaluation and promotional recommendation, "Captain Laible is a crackerjack officer with those by name qualities, commander's seek." 

Holding a Top Secret Security Clearance throughout his illustrious 22-year career whenever warranted, he served as the Superintendent of Publishing & traveling HQ Staff Inspection team member for Headquarters 15th Air Force with thirteen bases under their command; as the Squadron Section Commander for a Civil Engineering Squadron with over 400 assigned personnel; as the first Squadron Section Commander on a 16-month remote tour of duty with the 8th Operations Support Squadron (Korea) supporting two F-16 fighter squadrons; Vandenberg AFB, CA, 1st Strategic Aerospace Division (1STRAD), Aerospace Support Squadron; McChord AFB, WA, Special Orders Chief, lauded & recognized by the Inspector General (IG) as best run Special Orders Section in the Military Airlift Command (MAC) in the previous 4 years -- a model to follow.

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