(Who knows more about being a senior than someone drawing his own Social Security, eh?)

We owe our lives to senior citizens. If not for them, we would not be here.  

Courageous veterans; homemakers; businesswoman; leaders; we are grateful and thankful for you!
We (as a society) tend to discard old, outdated, worthless 'stuff' which no longer holds our interest. That's fine if it's a pair of shoes, a moldy, unidentified refrigerator occupant, etc.
Referring to this class as, "Senior Citizens" does them a disservice and creates a terrible atmosphere of disassociation, that they are somehow, now, based on age, no longer relevant.  How tragic.
Remember in school, when "senior" meant the beginning of your life, your independence, your freedom and discovery?  
It's time we defrag (reset or reorganize) our mindsets.

We NEED a better, more descriptive word for our heroes:

Wisdom-Experienced-Legacy-Courage-Older Masters-Equinox-Deserving (WELCOMED) 

Honored Welcomed Citizens (HWC) is a much more inviting (warm/affectionate) term as these are 'our' elders who deserve our utmost respect and admiration. How about we make their  GOLDEN  years grand!

So, how can we ensure our Honored Welcomed Citizens enjoy a life they deserve; a life they have earned? First and foremost, we will listen to them. Point by point, we will keep the agenda high on our list of priorities.

Honored Welcomed Citizens will not be a forgotten generation.
Rent control; prescriptions; eliminating ALL taxes, including property taxes, will enliven this first-class citizenry.
Once our economic taxation initiatives are implemented, drug manufacturers will be able to reduce their operating costs and those savings will reduce your monthly script bills.

Another problem is isolation which can lead to loneliness--one of the greatest concerns of our Honored Welcomed Citizens. Having little money to live on, for many, their lives are restricted to living out their days in isolation and loneliness. We will foster programs to encourage and enhance community and the human desire of belonging.

Honored Welcomed Citizens will No Longer pay taxes of any kind. Property or otherwise! Their heirs will no longer pay inheritance taxes either. Honored Welcomed Citizens will also be exempt from the National Transactional Surcharge (NTS) for consumable purchases (food) on the first $1,00.00 per month.

Whatever your fears, we will make it right!!!   You are not alone any longer...

VOTE  Your Honored Welcomed Senior Advocate




Maybe we've been looking at this drug problem the wrong way. Maybe we ought to be focused on the consequences of the action.  Say for instance, if a person smokes pot in their home and isn't doing any harm, maybe possession alone isn't worthy of a prison sentence or fine. However, if this same person is driving under the influence, thereby putting others at grave risk, then punishment should be hammered home accordingly and quite severely with high fines, confiscation of the deadly weapon (vehicle) either impounded for 30/60/90+ days. Minimum 30-days in the hole for the offender for an non-injury vehicle incident. A responsible user would take a cab to a concert not drive in an altered state/high.  Restaurants and bars who serve liquor will be required to implement transportation for patrons or fund such an initiative. Designated driver programs are wonderful but are they working any more?  Smoking dope or shooting drugs is NOT OKAY! Be forewarned.  Getting behind the wheel in an altered state will win you a trip to the gulog. 

The Federal Government shall not impede the will of the people, nor should their respective states. The pros for marijuana have legitimate agendas. The cons, not so much. Maybe the answer is in the "packaging" and growing operations. Have them rolled, manufactured and packaged professionally, maybe adding a little tar, arsenic, formaldehyde & menthol, in industrial areas not in neighborhood backyards. What growers aren't appreciating is their actions are interfering with their good neighbor responsibilities with respect to aesthetics, odor and activity. Whichever side you come down on, the consequences of driving impaired must be severe; 30 days in a missile silo comes to mind. (See Law Enforcement page.)

The drug trade is a violent battlefield, much as prohibition was, save all the beheading(s). Drug cartels fight for control and power & cash. Maybe the USA can make drug use in this country less competitive. Legalizing an organic plant indigenous to this planet must not be banned but rather regulated, administered and managed.  A nation of potheads will not occur. Those who will smoke pot, will. Those who won't, won't. Pot is not a cigarette. It may or may not be a gateway drug. (I'm not confident it is a 'drug.' A mushroom is not a drug. A dandelion is not a drug. Bark is not a drug. Licking a frog is not a drug. Each will get you high, but does that make it a drug? No matter what you've heard. Just as soda pop won't lead you to beer. People with reckless "opinions" are more dangerous than this plant.  Lick all the frogs you want. If you drive high, you may die. What we can't have you doing is killing others because of your bad behavior. 

Hemp, a tall Asiatic plant having tough fiber, also ought to be embraced as a legitimate industry.

If Congress were to pump the sweet (some would say stinky) fragrance of smoke into the chamber, it's likely (100%) of that stubbornness and bickering would evaporate and they'd get so many bills passed it would silence the gavel. And though there would be crumbs on the floor and cheesy powder on all of the Bills...Well, the truth is, they'd mean to pass Bills, but if you know the facts about smoking pot, nothing would ever actually get done. Sort of like now! But at least the bickering would stop! Pot is for lovers. It really does kill aggression.  
Marijuana isn't the problem. It's fear, bias and ignorance. Should kids use it, no. Should adults be permitted to decide for themselves, yes.  Should you be sent to jail for smoking it, or prison for selling it, no.  Should it be confiscated? No. However, the consequences should be stiff if they are contributing to the delinquency of a minor or stopped for a DUI.  Politically correct or not, a progressive agenda of this administration is to focus on the debate once and for all.  This issue has been allowed to persist much too long. It needs to be settled and consistent, once and for all at the Federal Level permitting banks to do commerce with growers!

As a nation, we had better resolve our hypocrisies first.

A KNOWN CANCER causing agent eating away at lives, families and addicting uncounted millions, generation after generation, permitted to thrive as drug pushers of otherwise well-meaning, law abiding citizens. Yet we accept this in our society as if it were and is, normal behavior. Perhaps it is. Tobacco companies will fund healthcare at 5x NTS without raising their prices. NTS will not enrich healthcare officials or organizations. They want to be in the business of killing Americans, then they must take responsibility. 

Also a "plant" prepared for smoking & chewing: cigarettes, cigars, pipes, etc. Tobacco is not banned. It is regulated, administered and managed. If you sit in the lap of hypocrisy it's time to rethink your position. Regulating dandelions or clover may be next, or tree bark! Tobacco is a mixture of chemical drugs that is permitted to exist. A known cancer causing drug. Because it doesn't get you high, we look the other way. 

Does it impair your abilities. Probably not. But you are addicted to it. Can we honestly regulate "addictions."  Chocolate, sex, tv, play stations, etc. I suppose a government who leans toward total control of its people can do anything it wants. America is different. We are not a dictatorship (yet) unless Trump is put in power. Americans ought to be given the freedom to make mistakes too. 

Instead of Meth labs, these aren't the kinds of "labs" we ought to be throwing our money at. Give our children education, opportunities, direction, and hope and they will likely make better decisions. Not every kid will but most will. As a nation, we ought to make education our highest priority with our kids. That means doing whatever it takes!  The Say No to Drugs was a colossal failure. Once children stop being supervised they will use their immature brains to stretch their boundaries. Educating them, relentlessly, is a mandate.  
Manufacturing methamphetamine is a huge problem. Meth use is killing an entire generation. Dope is for dopes. Down with dope, up with hope. None of that nonsense works. Using is the symptom of a much greater problem. We ought to concentrate on that? Why are people using meth? Figure that out and you just might solve the problem. Remove the financial rewards and you will make a far greater impact on this destruction of lives. There is a tragic segment of our society who will never listen. They are hellbent on self-discovery and self-destruction. Maybe there is no answer. In the end, we have to build a better society, a better economy and end the hopelessness.  If we do that, we just might turn the corner with our youth.

Brown Coke? Okay, that's not cocaine, it's coffee.  Just trying to make a point.  Seems the list of toxins we ingest is endless.  From beer and booze, to smokes, pot, pills, puff the magic dragon and 'shrooms, it extends to paint vapors, aerosols, glue, and back to peyote buttons, hash, hallucinogens and on and on..Seems the human condition is wired to be irresponsible, adventurous, and stupid. Maturity is our only saving grace. 

We just can't seem to satiate ourselves. 

Drugs are such a huge blight on a society. Sort of makes you question why anyone would ever be tempted to try them in the first place knowing what we know. Drugs consume law enforcement and our courts manpower, budgets and resources. And costs policemen and policewomen their lives. Why? What we are doing as a nation isn't working, so how about being open to another direction??? 

A society must first ask itself, why are segments of our society using drugs? Once that question is answered, we might actually make a difference. Until then, we need to continue the push with punishment, not necessarily for the use of, but the consequences of those actions (harming others in obtaining narcotics or after actions). Large fines must also be part of this action. Maybe law enforcement ought to be permitted to keep all the money confiscated in raids. Their departments can reward compensation to officers for this life-threatening high risk job. Officers are trying so hard to make a difference on the front lines. Throwing offenders in prison is pulling them out of society. So why not extend that idea a bit further and outsource offenders to other U.S. territories? Have compounds on distant unchartered islands and just get them out of our society for good. Or regional compounds in states far away from society where addicts can live in peace.
Removing the financial incentives actually removes the entire premise for being in this "business." Drug mules, innocent people being slaughtered by the thousands, all gone. Also gone, power, corruption, gangs, violence and 90% of crime. Maybe it's worth peeking around the corner for new solutions...bring it out in the open and put it "smack" on the table.  (Pun intended)  Maybe we designate territories within states where these hopeless souls can live their lives in the peace and freedom they choose away from society. Let them have all the free drugs they can consume without fear of incarceration. Wouldn't that be nice to free every community from this horrible plague so that we may live in peace too? What a concept!

You will NEVER combat or control an entire nation. The key is find alternatives to co-existing in a way that does the least amount of harm to the fewest people.

Tragically, there always have been and always will be brains wired for self-discovery and self-destruction. Maybe we ought to just get out of their way and concentrate on the positive parts of our own lives...

The TRILLIONS spent on drug enforcement would end. Certainly states would incur travel and facility expenses with a planned banishment but far less than currently spent on law enforcement, courts, prisons, etc. Also ended are the lost lives of innocent bystanders and their property. The lives saved in violent drug-related crimes alone may be worth another look. 

If you are reading this and are aghast with such proposals, the K-Party is not for you. We need open minds to solve this chaos not closed, shortsightedness. One ought to be able to walk the streets of any American city at any time of day or night. It's just a shame there are neighborhoods where if you enter, you die.  That's just stupid.

Our nation's leaders have been so concerned with other nations, they have abandoned ours. Not neglected, but outright abandoned. It's  been up to you to fend for yourself. No more. The Kodel Party will put the full weight of the White House behind rebuilding America from the inside out, one street corner at a time. And if Congress doesn't get on board, we'll replace them!   

There are generations of lost souls. The provocative answer might be, we need to forget about those lost souls and concentrate on our youth and start rebuilding from the ground up. Instilling a positive self-image, confidence and self-worth will go along way in curbing this industry of drug use. It begins with education.

All people must make their own decisions. They must not be spoon fed or coddled. They must take responsibility for their own actions. If they choose to do drugs, then they choose to suffer the consequences of your actions.

When they ask for help, be there.

Brains are wired differently in some people. It's about responsibility and choice. Huffing, (sniffing glue, paint, aerosols, etc.), is thought to be one of the cheapest highs around.  Maybe as a nation, we need to address the science behind those who would be so foolish. Taking psychedelic mushrooms is also a plant and the mere use of it ought not be punished by prison. It's the consequences of behavior that must be dealt with. That point seems to get lost in the debate.


Prescription Drug Abuse

A Kodel Party White House Initiative.

The President's Council on Fitness is changing to The President's Council on Sportsmanship.
We especially have to remove drugs and players (aka) role models from sports to tens of thousands of kids. We will promote exercise and nutrition, teamwork, integrity, self-control, anger, and above all, sportsmanship. We will encourage states to formulate role model programs in every community from the ground up.

We will increase the importance of how the game is played.

The unfortunate reality is, winning is tied to capital gains. Sports at the higher levels, is business, pure and simple. Cheating at your business is never justified. It is stealing--from the fans, the innocence of youth, your teammates, and the athlete. Cheating is as hollow as a victory gets. Kids watch college and pro sports and that behavior is emulated. We want to provide children with a more solid foundation of core ethics and the principles of sportsmanship. When a
Denver Bronco football player (Manning's team-mate Aqib Talib) forcefully and with malice of forethought gouged at a lineman's eyes (Dwayne Allen) he should have had to turn in his uniform FOREVER! It was blatant, purposeful, disrespectful display of the worst sort of sportsmanship ever. He walked right up to Allen after a play and jabbed his rigid index and middle fingers through the face guard right into the eye of a man, his opposing 'teammate.' Instead he took a one game suspension and a little NFL patty-cake fine and then had the audacity of entitlement nerve to seek an appeal. This is what's so ugly with professional sports. It's driven by greed, winning at any cost and rationalizing by not taking responsibility. Had I been the coach, owner, or General Manager, I would have not only kicked his ass off the team, but had him prosecuted for assault with the intent to maim. Shame on the team and ownership (John Elway) and rest, demonstrating a complete disregard for league leadership!  Children are watching!

Sportsmanship is honorable!

The very nature of competition is to have a clearly defined champion. Not every Olympic athlete earns a gold medal. Not every major leaguer hits 400. However, another truth, which lasts long after the game has ended, the whistle has blown, the bell has rung, or the last ticktock of the game clock ends, is how you played the game. For this is what truly matters. Did you cheat or play with honor & integrity?

Over the last several years, the line has been blurred by coaches and players alike. Coaches tripping players; players faking an injury, also on the behest of the coach, so the lightening quick speed of an offense is slowed; players in the NFL have been seen stomping other players in the head and the groin, and so on. Steroid use in Major League Baseball is a national tragedy. (So is lying about it--under oath.) And yes, they are all truly sorry .... (for being caught). 

Winning at all costs is not the direction society wants. It is that very doctrine which betrays the game of  "sport" which is carried forward in life. As a society, we cannot function as a team if there are cheaters and liars amongst us, winning at all costs deserves no honor or respect. This is a social and a moral issue and not necessarily the business of government. We do need your help to keep our kids healthy and enjoying their childhoods for as long as possible.

Be conditioned, be trained, and execute as flawlessly as practical, and win or lose, no matter how badly you want the win, or how badly you are disappointed, hold your head high in either case, for you are a pure sportsman if you played hard giving your best effort, and you played with honor.  Not only will your fans and coaches and communities respect you, you will respect yourself. 


While our country needs obvious direction, our youth need a new sense of direction as well. Many "children" default to gangs for sheer survival, coercion or boredom. Others remain home behind locked doors as latch-key kids. Kids need real leaders and genuine role models--just like Jessica Shawntel Newton.

Much like the Peace Corps of the sixties, we need leadership steeped in desire and commitment to execute our vision with innovative ideas. One such program we will develop more fully is a “SHADOW” program where kids from an early age, can experience all areas of endeavor where they might want to live, grow and effect change in the world. Shadows will be afforded every opportunity to walk in the footprints of the mentor casting the shadow. We envision this as a lifelong experience and relationship that will be paid forward for many generations.

(Click Philanthropy at StevieTenderheart.com for a fuller discussion of the candidate/author's vision for children of the world. All roads lead to Camp Tenderheart.) 


The Kodel Party initiatives outlined in our platform will give both individuals and Corporate America more money to fund research in all areas of medicine.

We want no stone left un-turned. It's time we solve this devastating crisis once and for all.
Researches shows we are on the precipice of many cures with immunotherapy.

Until then, as we are learning with talcum powder, it could be as simple as identifying the toxins in our underarm deodorants that are causing breast cancers; or that one element (or combination thereof) in our water, oxygen, foods, etc., trigger cell anomalies. If you only paid attention to the tens of thousands of airline flights are occurring overhead every day! Don't think this isn't having an unintended consequence on your health, global warming and a host of other things.

Once we find the common denominators, major break-throughs will happen exponentially in all areas of disease management. Cures will come forward able to save or prolong lives. Cures for autism, diabetes and thousands of other debilitating diseases will also be enlivened.

The cures are out there, much like the sound barrier (sonic boom) revealed itself to Major Chuck Yeager in October 1947, when a jet he was flying was finally capable of flying beyond the speed of sound. We must find those dimensions we never knew existed.

There is SO MUCH MORE we can be doing with our money than fighting wars and making other nations take on democracy. The more money we can invest in research and development the better for you, your family and mankind in general. We won't stop at cancer. We will make it possible for Americans to fund all manner of research and win the battle for these heinous and hideous, debilitating diseases that inflict searing pain, stealing our dreams, youth and futures. And when a pharma company raises their drug prices 7,000% we will put the entire Board of Directors in stockades in the public square for 72 hours and provide the rotten tomatoes/eggs. 

Integrity First. An attentive, respectful class encourages "learning". Class clowns do have their place. They break the boredom. School is such a social setting, it's difficult to teach kids anything meaningful. The maturity level just prevents it. Attention spans, being what they are, kids think they already know everything. Teachers and coaches have an incredible influence on our youth. We must ensure every single teacher and coach receives our total support. They are raising our children. We must also hold them accountable. Every single teacher or coach who can be linked to those "children of congress" must have their apples taken back.


We are going to educate our society. This is our moonshot. It will yield immeasurable results.

All State Universities, Colleges, Medical & Law Schools will be tuition free for all students. Students will give eight years community service (4,000 hours) to be completed within the following 20 years after graduation. A Volunteer Community Service Debit Card (VCS) will track hours.

(Fight the urge to ask, “How will we pay for this?” Remember, we are no longer funding foreign régimes, propping up dictatorships, building billion dollar embassies/compounds, misplacing billions with overseas contractors, paying out billions annually in fraudulent tax refunds/medicare payments, and so forth.)

Americans are going to "manage" the money now...

Something that is lacking in our educational system is "teaching" kids and reinforcing on a daily basis and that is "Integrity". This simple word is the key to changing destructive behavior.  Teaching kids about integrity ought to be a critical component of their lives.  What we mean with integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Once kids buy into this core value, they will conduct themselves accordingly.

For a greater discussion on our vision and proposed solution for our youth, please log into StevieTenderheart.com and click on Philanthropy,  "Camp Tenderheart."

Educators, let us know what you think.

Parents know, as do many educators, once a student becomes interested in something, all we need do is step back and watch the learning taking place from an organic baseline. They will consume data without being tasked.

States will be encouraged to bring back vocational training for high school students: Metal & wood shops, auto mechanics, drafting, home-economics, life skills: childcare, checking accounts, banking, finance, budgeting, even the stock market, as these life skills they will need to know once they leave the nest. This will be the new direction of this party. State testing should include practical applications of these vocations. Balance your checkbook and you’re well on your way to passing.

Integrity First. Teachers will no longer pay taxes and that will earn someone in the White House a shiny, red, delicious apple to be sure.  Gone are the days where teachers empty their own pockets to buy school supplies. Class sizes will fall as more teachers are brought into this most noble of professions.

Integrity first. A giant push will be placed on communities to support early education.  Preschool children are thrust into a social setting for perhaps the first time. Crafts, fundamentals, social play and interaction can identify skill-sets and interests early on. Reading is the core element to success later on in school and life. Pre-school is a vital part of education, the cornerstone building block of
organized learning and lessons. 


All education centers will be among this nation's top priority. Every opportunity will be afforded every child to prepare them for this brave new world and teach them responsibility, leadership and self-reliance. 

Teachers and school administrators must continue to improve on building a child's positive self-image, self-worth, confidence, self-reliance, and take a more active role (measured results) in preventing bullying. No brainer....

We will listen to your input.  Be forthcoming... Do it for her.





"Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people.

Let us dare to read, think, speak and write."     John Adams (2nd President)


Life on this planet is short. We either decide we want to live with war, crime and tragedy, or in the lap of luxury in the greatest nation on earth. Luxury meaning the freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness. 

Tremors of civil unrest are percolating. Our national fabric is being fractured. Homelessness, crime, mental illness, child and spousal abuse is increasing beyond our control, primarily due to lack of funding, or in the prioritizing of funding. Hopelessness is more prevalent now than ever before.

Homelessness is numbering in the tens of thousands. These aren't just addicts, hobos or drunks anymore. These are moms and dads and children. Families are living in their cars, shelters, on streets, & under bridges. It's time to fix this horrendous situation, once and for all. It can happen to you. We are not the U.S.S.R. or North Korea.  It's funny what one "learns" to accept...if it happens gradually enough.  The Kodel Party says, enough is enough!  

It's time for a new American Agenda!

Driving under the influence has reached epidemic status. States must crash the civil liberties of these drivers and protect the civil liberties of the rest of us. States will be encouraged by their citizens to strengthen laws for driving while under the influence. By strengthening, we mean put drivers in a simultaneous headlock and chokehold. 

We would suggest a mandatory 30-day timeout for every first time DUI arrest, period--no matter who it is, a sitting judge, teen, soccer mom, grandmother, no matter the circumstance. That means, 30 days away from your family, your pets, your job, your car, your refrigerator, phone, computer, your life!

At least for 30 days, innocent people will be free from you and your ignorant behavior. Call it a disease if that helps you sleep at night. DUI drivers jeopardize lives. It's time to end this in our communities now! We need to stop making excuses. Getting behind the wheel drunk is NOT a disease. It's poor judgment and must be dealt with as a true wake-up call. DUI drivers kill kids, soccer moms, grandmothers and babies. It's highly irresponsible. Grow up.  In vogue Sobering Centers are now popping up in neighborhoods. This well-meaning, cost-saving, enabling idea lacks vision or true resolution. It only kicks the can down the road. These are 'ADULTS!' How about we start treating them as such. STOP condoning their behavior. Catch and Release programs do not improve the community or the drunks. There needs to be consequences for bad behavior!  

You will spend 30-days (behind bars) with highly intensive training to figure out exactly why you thought it was okay to get behind the wheel of a vehicle in your condition. A zero tolerance will mandate stricter enforcement, education, training and consequences. Take responsibility for your actions or the law will assist you.

Subsequent arrests will mandate 90 days, then 120, then 365. On your 1st DUI, your car will be impounded for as long as you remain incarcerated or confiscated as a deadly weapon and "given" back to the dealer or donated to community programs where there are people who recognize that driving is a privilege, not a right. Drivers will agree to these terms in order to obtain a driver's license. We can no longer accept this nonsense of driving under the influence be it booze or drugs. An altered state behind the wheel is going to be punished swiftly and severely! It does not pass our common sense test to continually accept this bad behavior! It's time we stop accepting this behavior and do something more serious about this deadly social plague!

States will have the great opportunity to exercise "common sense" here as well. Driving a vehicle is not a social event. Driving is about paying attention first and foremost. Why? So you don't KILL yourself or more importantly someone else.  Bad behavior is
DANGEROUS and so preventable. The hammer will fall on it.

(That "someone" else) being an innocent, environmentally friendly who is riding their bike to work, when you look up too late having just knocked them off their bike, rolling over them and killing them; or a child riding in the backseat or the mom with five kids going to a pizza party getting slammed into because you are LYAO about some nonsense. Or the innocent teen who just graduated high school who is now crippled for life because you had to tweet, text or otherwise communicate something that in the big scheme of things was most certainly frivolous.  As adults we MUST send a serious message [pun intended] to teens (and irresponsible adults who text while driving. I'm sick and tired of society enabling bad behavior which endangers my life or those of my loved ones. I would innovate to disable cell phones and navigation systems while the engine is on. 
Common sense speaks to this issue but as usual, our youth think they know better. They are invincible. Listen up: "You cannot text and drive... "safely." Yes, you can drive while texting, but the operative word here is "SAFELY." The consequences here are just too great!  Wise up now, before it's too late for you or others you may kill.   Laws must keep up with technology!

Great consideration should be given by states to block these devices (like Nav systems are) by interrupting the signal while the engine is running. You cannot program a navigation system while your car is moving. Short of car manufacturers installing disruptive devices phone carriers will disable phone signals while the car is moving or the engine on. Tens of thousands of lives will be saved annually, by this common sense approach. 

Certainly each state ought to have a proving ground where drivers can attend. There, on a closed course, drivers can witness, for themselves, from behind the wheel, the true hazards of driving while texting. Perhaps an oath should be administered at the DMV, "I will not text and drive."  Certainly an affidavit.

Fines ought to be $1,000 per text. This will fund the state coffers.

Governors, legislators and citizens will have to decide.

First Draft Cartoons

Stevie Tenderheart published comic strip


Perhaps the best solution here, is to recognize we have human beings living amongst us who are different than others. Ignorance & fear are iron fences that block our imaginations, tolerances and acceptance.  Even if you cannot accept this behavior, try to accept the "person". Certainly do not lash out in anger or fear or frustration or insecurity. Do no harm. (To do so, actually speaks volumes about you.) 

Perhaps there ought to be a third, fourth even fifth "accepted" gender specific classification under the law: Male (M); Female (F); Homosexual (H); Bisexual (B);   (T) Transexual. While we're at it, how about adding a few more Station-in-Life (SIL) Identifiers: Lazy (L); Overachiever (O); Ambitious (A); (E) Entitled, etc. 

Should (H) or (X) be allowed to "marry?" Call it what you may, if they each give an oath to cherish, respect and pledge their love, who are we to say, "no?" In for a penny...divorce courts, loss of homes, property, IRAs, alimony payments, child support, custody issues...in for a pound. I get the religious overtones, but if you believe God is free from error who are we to judge Him or His plan or test for grace or unconditional love?

And while I'm not personally comfortable with the 'mechanics" of homosexual behavior, I think that's a perfectly honest and normal reaction being heterosexual.  I also think gay pride parades do incite,  exacerbate and alienate, rather than their intended purpose of promoting pride,  unity and celebration overcoming their struggles and prejudices toward them for being different. I can't envision heterosexuals marching up or down the streets flaunting their sexuality. But then again, heterosexuals have never had to overcome the stigma or horrors still present in the 21st Century. So unless you've walked in their shoes, maybe don't judge. Be kind. Be intelligent. Appeal to your higher angels. Never discriminate, bully or tease. If you can't accept at least live with grace. A change of heart changes everything. 
We are either equal under the law or we aren't. Attempting to destroy that which is different is wrong and harkens back to a terrible time in bunker history.


It is my "personal" opinion and belief, that homosexuals of any variations are born as they are. Maybe not all, but "most." Given this belief, and also believing in God, I have to presume, He knows more about this than I. My role is not to hate. It is most certainly not to "judge." Not to discriminate. I do not have to accept the "act" to like the person. There is a very clear distinction. I have known and worked with (H) and (B) in the military and civilian life. These are not "aliens," (See immigration page) they are human beings, first and foremost, all looking for acceptance, love, and peace. The highest percentage of teen suicides, occur in this gender. These "kids" do not deserve to die. They should not be made to feel ashamed nor be harassed, bullied or persecuted. 

On another personal note, I'd like to put the word, gay, back into the lexicon of its original intended meaning: joyous and lively; merry; bright; brilliant (gay colors). I am "gay" on many days. I am not "gay" as it is currently inferred. Maybe if we, as a society, stop labeling ourselves and others, we can get on with our lives and work toward a higher purpose.
I hope this helps you understand me a little better, but please, think for yourself. What you believe may be different, but neither is wrong...it's different. Let's take our like-mindedness and our differences and work together for America the Beautiful.

Let us rise above the hatred and intolerance. Reasoned minds always prevail. 


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The Kodel Party Administration has more practical healthcare solutions.
Being a career, retired Air Force Officer, the complete overhaul of the Veterans Administration healthcare system is of paramount importance to me. Shameful. This one organization should serve as a
beacon of what's wrong with government, management and Congress. This is not leadership. This is precisely what happens when a government grows too big to be effectively managed. As president, I would tear down the entire infrastructure and gut the administrators with a broad brush as they have tolerated this abysmal situation far, far too long.

Our veterans deserve more than, 'thanks for your service.'  They deserve care!   Quality care. Compassionate care.  As a Vietnam era retired veteran,  I am sickened at how government works in all areas of this country but especially with our returning heroes who sacrificed more than you can ever imagine and just because they don military attire no longer, they are dismissed as a crying statistic. Our US gov't would rather fund foreign dictators and prop up other countries than spend the money on our veterans. That's why the care and support is so lacking. Always follow the money! That stops with the Kodel Administration, period!  It's time for a change without the aid of politicians. We need the citizenry to step up and fill the roles where politicians have failed U.S.  Vote ONLY Kodel Party candidates...

We propose healthcare insurance be modeled after other insurance programs, such as dental, automobile and homeowner insurance policies. We would remove the tremendous healthcare burden and expense from corporate responsibility and place it squarely on the the shoulders of the insured. We would endeavor to end the Affordable Care Act and the discussions over making you pay for coverage you don't want. You will be 100% in control of your level of care and insurance. If you choose not to have coverage, we won't burden citizens with your care. That financial responsibility rest solely and only with you. That's why it's called being a grown-up. And adult. Taking ... wait for it ... R-E-S-P-O-N-S-I-B-I-L-I-T-Y! We'll be sure you have a blanket as you sit on the curb outside the ER.  (Of course, not everyone is capable of caring for themselves and we'll ensure those are covered.)

This is strictly about individual responsibility. If for instance, you damage or total your car or lose a tooth or your home to some disaster, and you don't have insurance, you're sort of out of luck aren't you? Do you expect the gov't (taxpayers) to buy you a new car? New House? A dental implant? This isn't about luck. It's about taking ownership of your life and how you choose to live in a civilized society. There will be a very short learning curve once citizens understand this concept. Dear Entitled Generation: It's certainly NOT the government's responsibility to buy you a new car or home or pay your medical bills. A responsible person has insurance. It's time we put individual responsibility back into the conversation.

If you don't have healthcare insurance, you won't receive care. Period.  It's how we thin the heard. That is, unless the individual hospitals or organizations choose of offer programs. We will not waste billions of government dollars building national, non-functioning insurance computer networks or exchanges or convincing you with ads that you need insurance. You need to be smart enough to figure this out on your own. The government will no longer be the safety net. Not because we aren't compassionate but because the money won't be there as we end ALL taxes. You have to understand this concept. Our goal is to end ALL social handout programs. The wasted, fraud and abuse will stop! How many of you reading this have seen on television, or worst yet, know someone or you yourself, take a check from the gov't when you know full well you're not entitled?

Certainly, with a populace of over 300 million, not everyone can afford insurance of any sort. States will partner with consumers, businesses and organizations implementing programs to be sure people don't fall through the cracks.  What I will do is shut down any company seizing their assets if they gouge, take advantage of citizens or behave as profiteers. Fines are an insufficient deterrent. Raising prescriptions or medical prices will also be dealt with swiftly and fiercely. Remember, we are also eliminating their taxes, so there is no excuse for bad behavior.  

Currently consumers spend three trillion dollars on goods and services annually. By ending all taxes and returning their entire paychecks to the working class, businesses and corporate America, this will likely triple or even quadruple to twelve trillion dollars annually. We will harness this fuel for our economic engine to sustain and grow our economy for centuries to come. Creating more jobs, ending or reducing social program funding and dependence and ending the practice of funding foreign regimes will put America the Beautiful on solid footing and back on track to do more than simply exist but thrive.  Doing more with less will finally end!

A more fully insured nation will become the new normal.  It is your responsibility to be insured. Obviously there will be a transitional phase. Pre-existing conditions will not prevent you from being covered. Insurance companies will develop models of care and compete for your business. Premiums under the current Affordable Health Care are shooting up in November sure to create a panicked nation renewing healthcare as a hot topic of discussion.

By removing taxes from every American household, you will have the opportunity to budget your full paycheck and buy your own insurance. You will also have options. Insurance policies will be available through many sources including hospitals, co-ops, investment products, programs and organizations. A true market economy will be in place. Everyone will compete for you. Predators will be dealt with more severely but that's for another section of our platform. The linchpin will of course be responsibility. This common thread will be woven into the fabric of life as never before.

Americans will be free to locate, vet (evaluate), and retain their own medical service providers.  If they are dissatisfied, they shop for someone new. Pre-existing conditions will not prevent coverage. Health providers will be obliged to insure all citizens. The only way to regain the balance of power for Americans is to empower them. Give them the money necessary to afford a fruitful life, not just an existence of survival. Governments must stop taking the people's money.  Free markets will set the price as it does with everything in the marketplace. Those who remain uninsured will have consequences just as they do when driving a motor vehicle.  As our innovative initiatives are in place, we will have more healthcare jobs and services that are wholly funded with and able to better fulfill the promise.  We need those with a service heart to be given every opportunity to enter the healthcare field.  We have ideas in place but would like to get your input as well.

A network of community medical care will be perhaps our most innovative reach. We will pay for medical & dental schools and those doctors will be free from any student debt and will in turn give back to the nation, their expertise in volunteerism spanning a 20-year career (20 hours a month), verifiable.

Linking personal responsibility to healthcare, American citizens will further fund their own healthcare by paying a 2nd 7% NTS (.14 cents on the dollar) and a 3rd 21% NTS and even a possible 4th and 5th NTS for those products known to create grave medical conditions later in life.  In a word, you will be paying for your own medical expenses by the choices you make now. It's called Strategic Planning & Responsible Care or (SPARC).  As adults, not everyone is responsible, but we won't continue as a nation, paying for your bad behavior.  So eat, drink, and be merry, do drugs if you must. Do whatever you are compelled to enjoy (within reason) as long as you aren't hurting other 'free' Americans (or Canadians, eh) either directly or indirectly and we'll leave you alone.  Be the FREE American you desire.  Being free however, is not without merit, consequence (intended or unintended) or severe ramifications.  Asking for help, will always be met with compassionate care, patience and understanding.  They key is to have in place the services you need when you need them. 

Companies who produce these specific products will match the 7% NTS x2, x3, x4, x5, at every level of production for raw materials used to produce these consumable items and not pass the costs onto consumers by raising prices of their products. Remember, they aren't paying taxes either. They will participate in the NTS!
The list will not be extensive unless science or medicine proves otherwise. Tobacco, is just one example. Alcohol; Sodium; Sugar, and their substitutes; certain processed foods, ice cream, cookies, cakes, chips, pizzas, pastries, pies, fast foods; and known carcinogens; also, fatty foods, cheese, beef, and other non-organic foods and high carbohydrate foods may make the list.  Any product that is now or later known to cause health issues will incur this double plus NTS to pay for your medical costs down the road.  Certain pharmaceuticals are also included.

NTS multiplier will apply to every consumption item (goods & services). This extends to food & other harmful products such as skateboards, motorcycles, automobiles, boats, quads, guns, knives, etc., 15+ cents on the dollar is a small price to pay to fix a brain, arm, knee, eye, gut, lung, etc., including prolonged physical therapy. 

Hugely controversial as this program may be, it's a far better approach than what we have now. The overriding point to be made here is this is how we as a society of free will and free minds can make choices or pay for the consequences of intake.
For consumable items, the FDA will compile this list and be free from lobby influence. The list may be reviewed annually. This will keep manufacturers accountable for their role but the consumer will also be held accountable and responsible for making informed choices on their consumption habits.

Pharmaceutical companies and drug manufacturers will also take the lead in lowering medical care. As they will also be exempt from all taxes, and their stocks traded on stock market exchanges will shore up the loss revenue earning them a constant tax-free income stream--a pure profit center. A NTS will apply on all medications and medical related expenses, services, co-pays, procedures, etc. 

As many national hospitals are also traded on the stock market, they too will have a tax free income stream from stock trades and will therefore be able to lower their costs for procedures and hospitalizations or fund insurance plans. Hospitals will also be exempt from income & property taxes. Their operating budgets and fees will likewise be lowered as a result. An ambulance ride ought to cost $300 not the current $3,000.  We will bring the cost of medicines/treatments/prescriptions down.

Kodel Party innovations will put expenses and costs on a long overdue course of recovery. These costs must meet head-on and half-way in this "New Normal". Taxes cause everything to rise in price. We are going to eliminate taxes for every citizen; for every business, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. Prices will come down. 

This is the dawning of a new era.


States will decide this issue based on the will of their citizens. We need a cultural shift in educating our youth and having them own their actions, maturity and responsibilities. Not from guilt, or shame, or pressure, shall a government force, support or encourage this decision.  Giving the unborn, life, is a gift, with millions of loving families anxiously awaiting a baby. Perhaps strong consideration could be made before termination. 

I once was faced with a real-life situation where a set of circumstances presented  themselves in which I was required to make a decision. There was not one moment where I hesitated. I didn't have to think about it or "decide" what my belief might or should be. It was pure instinct. Being so clear on a subject was refreshing.

There was no worry, no laboring or indecisiveness. It affected me personally, I am pro-life. The conundrum is,

I also believe in, pro-choice.  Go figure.  I honestly believe this important decision belongs with those involved. Who speaks for the unborn child, you ask? Those who conceived "it" I suppose. This is their decision, their responsibility, and theirs alone. That said, multiple abortions as a form of birth control seems abusive and morally corrupt (bankrupt) to me as well as being highly irresponsible. But that's just me. 

Maybe if we love, support and educate our young mothers, we can perhaps limit the procedures ending the progression of life. Advocates for the unborn child hold great weight in the final outcome of this social issue. 

We do not deny their passion. Killing doctors who perform procedures is wrong on every level, even at the spiritual level, killing is killing; and such actions put these advocates on par with the intended. Use your intelligence to effect change, not violence.  The gov't ought to stay out of funding either side of this issue. 

The actions of Right to Life advocates for this highly-charged issue could very well be the very thing that saves this child. Intelligence, sound judgement and communication ought to replace force, destruction and self-righteous acts. God did not tell you to kill the doctor. That is your mind playing tricks on you. You will do more good, for those unborn lives you are trying to save, by acting rationally and responsibly. Souls and smiles are depending on it...

Accountability is being lost with each generation. It’s time to turn the corner once and for all. Young girls need our support and plenty of education. Abortion is a painfully short-sighted, selfish act, in "my" opinion. Teen boys are equally responsible and must learn the true nature of their consequence. Maturing minds in an evolving society will eventually figure all this out.  I think alternatives such as adoption are miracles in their own right. Giving a  deserving family the gift of life is a precious gesture of great importance. Embryos become children. 

The Kodel Party

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States and citizens will decide what they want with respect to the death penalty or assisted suicides. It's not like some people live forever and others don't. We all die. 

Maybe it really doesn't matter when a person decides. Constant, excruciating, enduring chronic pain, the quality of life, or lack thereof, all need be taken into account. When a family decides of behalf of an ill family member, it is fairly certain this decision has been arrived at with thoughtful and deliberate consideration and is in the best interest of their loved one. Killing oneself strikes a moral chord, as well it should. Assisted suicide is about respect. Nobody owns this life. However, for those who have decided to end their lives, perhaps, ultimately, it is their decision alone to make. Outsiders really have no understanding how this decision was arrived at, nor should they. This is a highly personal choice...

Life is all about making our own choices. Sometimes we make mistakes; sometimes we even learn from them. You should be able to decide important things about your body, about your life, for yourself. I chose to be an organ donor decades ago. I like that no one made me choose or better yet, prevented me from making "MY OWN CHOICES".  

Isn't that really where we all want to be?

You don't have to agree with me, nor I you.  That's the beauty of America.

Compromise is the key component in a democracy....